Monday, February 27, 2023

The REAL reason they don't want Logan on the Guilford County School Board

      For those who have and haven't been paying attention, District 3 is currently not represented on the Guilford County School Board.  Patrick Tillman resigned his position when he was elected to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, creating an opening that by law is to be filled by the party elected to the seat.  In this instance, that would be the Guilford County GOP.  Their choice is Michael Logan, a veteran teacher of the Guilford County school system.  Mr. Logan is eligible for retirement and has indicated he will do so once seated.  The holdup?  School Board Chairman Deana Hayes-Green does not want him seated and the other rubber stamps on the board (Dems) cluelessly go along for fear of being politically spanked.  No legitimate reasons have been given and to this point the GOP has stood their ground as well they should.  Other than a few vague references to possible statements they attribute to Mr. Logan, no legitimate reasons have been presented.  Mr. Logan's appointment will not change the number of votes on the board and there is no political balance of power at stake.  What could possibly be the real reason for Deana's opposition to this appointment?

     Try this one.  Deana doesn't want the "curtain pulled back".  Like Oz' wizard, the truth behind the curtain would be a game changer.  You see, smoke and mirrors work if the ones you are trying to deceive are on the outside looking in.  Just as the school administration and school board chair and vice-chair was so desperate to keep school teacher Michelle Bardsley out of office (they even assisted an independent candidate in getting the required 4% petition signatures so she could run against Ms. Bardsley), so too are they desperate to keep a teacher that has been on the inside and has experienced first hand the conditions that exist in our schools.  Mr. Logan has implemented the school board policies and knows the results.  He has witnessed the disciplinary policies and their effectiveness.  He has read the memos and emails instructing principals, teachers and staff to implement questionable educational practices in the name of fulfilling "statistics" that only benefit adults in justifying their six figure salaries.  He has experienced the leverage the superintendent and her staff have exercised over teachers and on site school staff, using threats to keep them quiet.  

     How about this one.  Michael Logan has been directed to attend the seamlessly never ending training, provided at a cost of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that comes from the "equity industry".  That would be the same "equity industry" that School Board chair Deana Hayes-Green makes her living in.  The same leader of the Racial Equity Institute whose employees have been paid by GCS to instruct.  Michael Logan can provide first hand experience on precisely what is being presented to our teachers and the effects on school environment.  He doesn't have to rely on information like the kind presented to our other school board members; he has access to and has experienced the truth.  Heaven forbid teachers throughout the Guilford County school system start confiding in a board representative incidents that the administration and school board chair want to cover up.  As bad as having a former School Resource Officer with confidential informants throughout all facets of the school system would have been for Deana and her "rubber stamps", a teacher that has been in the schools during this entire era would be a nightmare for them.  Truth and personal knowledge are impossible to argue against.  

     This is not a Democrat/Republican or even a social justice issue.  This is a desperate attempt to keep corruption under cover.  It is an attempt to not have to justify too many six figure salaries on job titles that include the term "equity".  It is an attempt to keep money being paid to local activists, politicians and preachers out of the public view.  It is a manic attempt to continue to allow conflicts of interest to remain behind the curtain, and keep the tax payer dollars flowing into the school board chairman and her equity industry buddies' pockets.

     Michael Logan is more than qualified to serve on the Guilford County School Board and should be seated immediately.   

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