Friday, March 24, 2017

All is swell!

     Remember the movie "Animal House"?  In one of Kevin Bacon's earliest roles he plays a butt kissing pledge of a fraternity (Chip Diller) who is also a member of Neidermeyer's ROTC regiment.  In the climactic final scene he can be seen, in uniform, screaming at the top of his lungs "all is well" as he is getting trampled by the chaotic masses running hysterically through the downtown streets.  I hate to say it, but that scene reminds me of someone.
     I have been a supporter of Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott since his appointment after the disastrous tenure of Ken Miller.  Chief Scott walked into a situation that was bad before Miller arrived and was made worse by Miller allowing City Council, the City manager and virtually every opportunistic antagonist in Greensboro to gain further access and influence over the police.  Our City Council has a "few" folks that are supportive of our officers and department but have no one that has any clue what being a police officer entails.  They also aren't trying to educate themselves either.  When is the last time any one of them did a ride along?  Citizen's academy?  Even the Citizen's Academy, though a good way to learn some things about the job, doesn't fully describe the day to day turmoil that can occur in an officer's life.  The job can be and is often a roller coaster of emotions that takes a very special type of individual to navigate.  There is stress in that job.  In 29 years of police work I never fully understood what the amount of that stress was or its' impact on my life.  It wasn't until after retiring did I realize the amount of stress that was there from the job.  What I did realize was the amount of stress that came from a very real part of that job that civilians usually do not consider; bureaucracy.
     Over the past month I have heard from many of my former colleagues.  They are not happy.  They are counting the days, minutes, seconds to retirement.  They are looking for new jobs.  Some are stuck because they are too close to retirement to leave without negatively affecting their futures and families.  Many who are not close to retirement or relatively new in the profession are leaving.  The department is very short on personnel.  The recent police academies are not being filled and cannot keep up with the attrition.  What was once a shining star among national law enforcement agency recognition has now been reduced to one of the lowest paid agencies in the area, state and nation.  North Carolina currently ranks as the 8th lowest paying state for law enforcement.  30 years ago, Greensboro trailed only the State Highway Patrol in this category.  It is now the least favorable agency to work for in Guilford County.
     Yet, Chief Scott is telling us "all is well"; the attrition seems to be trampling him going out the door.
     Why?  Does Chief Scott really believe this?  His officers don't.  A significant portion of his administrators don't.  The retirees that communicate with their former colleagues don't.  I would even wager a city councilman or two don't.  When Chief Scott says it, does he really mean it?
     Or, is Chief Scott in full survival mode?  I have written about, observed and fully believe that Chief Scott was the target and victim of an attempted coup.  Nelson Johnson and his cronies which include certain city council members as well as certain departmental members attempted mightily to have him removed so that he could be replaced with their guy but failed.  They will try again.  Nelson Johnson has been adamant about it since the moment he found out he wasn't getting his way the second Chief Scott was chosen.  28 years of hard work and dedication would be out the window short of achieving a deserved retirement costing him thousands if not millions of earned retirement benefits.  Has this caused Chief Scott to reduce his role as a leader of the department in order to do what is best for his family?
     I believe the answer is somewhere between the two points.  Family comes first.  He has no advocates of significance speaking on his behalf publicly.  Maybe the ridiculously left wing media isn't reporting on those advocates?  More likely, what advocates he has have not been speaking up because it is the easy way out.  Elections will be held in November but I see absolutely zero help on the horizon for our Chief, our department or even our city in the way of candidates who will make a difference or citizens that are paying attention to what has been going on the past 15 years.
     Going into survival mode requires a person in a position like Chief Scott's to agree to things he has to know won't work and can't work.  Beards and green hair may be cute and well meaning but do not inspire confidence with police officers when he is not loudly supporting officers who are being bombarded with stupid and inane agendists that are constantly allowed to disrupt council business meetings for the purposes of blaming police officers for daring to arrest criminals.  A good example is the recent discovery of a young man that apparently got himself arrested during Fun Fourth that Nelson Johnson has located as his most recent "victim" that he wants paid.  He also wants to use this against Chief Scott and if you have any notion that his reasons for getting involved are honorable, you are an idiot!  His history tells you that.  Just so happens I am familiar with this particular "victim" and his mother.  I guarantee you there are other SRO's, school personnel and administrators that are as well.
     Survival mode for Chief Scott (and I am basing this on knowing and working with him for years) requires a bit of self-induced denial".  In other words, he has to convince himself to a certain extent that these actions and words do not defy common sense policing or it can drive the honorable man and police officer that I know him to be crazy and destroy him from inside.  Family comes first; no police officer that I know will dispute that.  However when you take that course there is virtually no way to balance that with maintaining officer morale or confidence with those under your command.  Under our current political and city administrative personnel and the climate they have created, no one else is capable of doing one bit better.
     Greensboro Officers not only have been subjected to idiotic statements from politicians, insane and short sighted apologies to criminals and city officials who lack any semblance of intelligence or common sense, they have had to sit back and watch criminals get paid ridiculous amounts of taxpayer monies without even allowing a court of law to decide guilt or innocence.  They have watched as our "supposed" leaders cower in the face of radical extremist views with nary a hint of verbal or written support.  In the meantime, other municipalities are trumpeting and the media is reporting double digit raises for police officers.  In a world where candidates are eschewing entering or remaining in the profession, better run cities are taking action.  Greensboro is crumbling.
     I like Wayne Scott.  I admire and respect Wayne Scott.  I understand the position he is in.  It SUCKS!  He is no different than anyone else that has been given the task of working for folks that care nothing about city employees and only their position in the Greensboro "elite".  Wayne Scott cannot make chicken salad when all the ingredients above him are chicken shit.  I'm sure he suffers.  I know the police officers, support personnel and other employees of the Greensboro Police Department are suffering as well.  I am not nor have I ever been in a position like his.  In many ways, I see him standing off to the side of the rampaging crowd lest he be trampled flat; like Kevin Bacon.  In one way, I cannot blame him; self and family preservation. He is chum in shark infested waters. In most ways, I feel bad for my officers for they are the ones being trampled beneath the feet of some very selfish and evil people.  
     Captain Al Stewart gave my rookie school (the fightin' 59th PBIC) an analogy I have never forgotten.  He said that in our society, there are 25% pro police citizens, 50% no nothings and 25% assholes who hate the police.  They are defined as 25% that love us for the job we do, 50% who have never encountered personally a police officer and 25% who are criminals and left wing extremists who do not like any authority.  Until that 50% wakes up in Greensboro, we will continue to be castigated for the amusement of antagonistic opportunists.
     Listen to the Mayor or read her Facebook posts.  Pay attention to the other left wing council members.  Do the research and see if you come to the conclusion that all is swell"!                      

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


     Appalled-  greatly dismayed or horrified.  synonyms; horrified, shocked, dismayed, distressed, outraged, scandalized.
                                       -Google dictionary

     Nancy Vaughn was "appalled".  "It was ugly.  It was brutal.  It was completely unnecessary".  What manner of devastation was our Mayor describing?  It was the Body Worn Camera footage of a breaking and entering suspect who was resisting arrest.  It was a suspect that had been observed and reported by his mother's neighbors for using a shovel to pry open his mother's garage door to steal from her yet again because he no longer had a key and had been banned from her residence.  It was a career criminal that has an extensive  record of lying, deceiving, resisting and stealing.
     "It was ugly"?  How?  There was no blood, no use of force, no death and the only thing close to an injury was to one of the officers.
     "It was brutal"?  How?  No disfigurement.  No weapons used.  The guy resisted to the end and certainly was not helpless.
     "It was unnecessary"?  Is it not necessary to arrest suspects that are attempting to break into someone else's property?
     What it was Mayor Vaughn is a lot of emoting on your part to ingratiate yourself to the opportunistic antagonizers in this city so that you may continue your charade as an effective leader.  Over and over again your new found "liberal-ness" has trumped any semblance of common sense you may or may not possess simply because you love being an elected official.  Your very obvious political "left turn" the past 15 years has come at the expense of our city and all of the numbers in the most recent Development and Trend report confirms it.  But it's your willingness to throw law enforcement under the bus to appease and impress your buddies that you somehow perceive are necessary to placate to remain Mayor that has me "appalled".
     An officer was shot last week.  More than that, my friend Justin was shot last week.  Justin was doing his job.  The suspect was attempting to avoid Justin from detecting that he was feloniously breaking the law.  The suspect attempted to flee.  The suspect attempted to resist physically.  The suspect then shot my friend Justin.  Our Mayor offered a fairly generic statement;

  "On behalf of the City of Greensboro, our prayers and well wishes go out to the officers and their families for a full and speedy recovery".

Generic, impersonal, cold, emotionless.  She couldn't even call the officers by their last name.  It was almost as if she was a bit disappointed that she couldn't find a reason to somehow deflect blame from the suspect and had to live with the fact that the officer had a right to defend himself from being shot at.  Then, her tone changed as she continued;

  "In addition we would also like to recognize that another family is grieving and we send out our prayers and support to them as well'.

Make no mistake about it, there are people in Greensboro that are almost desperate for an officer involved shooting to occur in this city.  It throws a monkey wrench into their agenda though when the officer gets shot first.  At some point, one of our local opportunistic antagonists will try to portray this incident as being the officer's fault.  The Mayor will once again go out of her way to appease.
     Where is the condemnation of the felonious act of shooting a police officer?  Where is the outrage or "appalling" comments about a suspect who demonstrated every dangerous trait a criminal can possess?  Quite frankly, I am appalled that "sympathies" for a convicted felon that shoots an officer in an attempt to kill him is given equal billing by who is supposed to be the "leader" of the city.  There certainly is no such equal billing when she perceives the officer is wrong; only apologies and resolutions against officers.  My friend Justin did his job.  He was courageous in doing it.  He also has to live with it.  Statements from city leaders that give equal billing to a criminal that tried to kill him is not very encouraging.
     As for ugly, brutal and unnecessary I agree on "unnecessary".  It was unnecessary for Dejuan Yourse to try to break into his mother's house, again!  It was unnecessary for him to resist arrest.  However, make no mistake about it; the arrest was absolutely necessary.  Yourse completely controlled how the arrest went down.  There is also one indisputable fact.  Dejuan Yourse is 100% responsible for his interaction with Officers Cole and Jackson that day.  The officers did not put him at his mother's house and plant in him the intent to break in and steal from his mother.  The officers did not collaborate with his mother's neighbors and say "give Dejuan a shovel and call us when he gets to the garage".  Breaking into houses, refusing to get out of the road or choking a child; the police rarely get there before you do it.  Yet, our Mayor and majority of our council genuflect to the whims of antagonists and continue to enable excuse making and creating an environment where taking personal responsibility for criminal decisions goes without consequence.  
     I have been asked by folks on both sides of this issue what I might have done differently were I the responding officer.  Without actually being there and in the situation I can only speculate.  I believe that approaching Mr. Yourse, seeing the shovel and knowing the call details I would have handcuffed him almost immediately for an investigative detention.  Given what we know from the video and what we now know about his record, I believe that I would have been in a physical struggle with Yourse almost immediately.  From the beginning of that video, Yourse knew he was caught.  When he  perceived the conversation with the officers was about to end in his arrest he immediately started looking for an escape route.  Dejuan Yourse was going to fight ANY officer that tried to arrest him that day.  It just happened to be Officers Cole and Jackson.
     I am appalled too.  I'm appalled that this Mayor, City Council and City Manager have consistently and successfully succumbed to pressure for criminal charges to be dropped on these suspects before they are adjudicated.  None of them are qualified to make judgments on criminal violations or even to interpret what they are seeing on a police video.  They have very much assisted the media in enhancing the atmosphere regarding the mistrust of the police.
     I am appalled that Dejuan Yourse and Rufus Scales continue to be portrayed as innocent victims and Officer Travis Cole continues to be vilified even after he has left the Department.  Councilperson Sharon Hightower requested that "the charges on Yourse be "expunged" so that people won't see them in his criminal record".  No problem Sharon; he had over 50 felony arrests on his record before Officers Cole and Jackson responded to his criminal behavior and even more since.  We will hardly notice these wrongly dismissed charges between all of his convictions and recent felonious acts; like choking an infant child.  Those who continue to insist Officer Cole is somehow a "racist" because of his unfortunate luck of the draw with these two criminals do not like it when you point out the FACT that Officer Cole received a life saving award for assisting a person of color. He has a history of assisting citizens of all races even giving of his own time and money for projects such as repainting an elderly lady's mailbox after she was the victim of graffiti vandalism.  Not that it matters but yes she was African American.  Heaven forbid the Mayor, Council, Manager and media err on the side of "thoroughness" and report mitigating factors to go with their embellished aggravating ones.  I guess they believe the man lived despite Officer Cole's actions.  I suppose the break on a felony charge that Officer Cole gave Rufus Scales at the jail shouldn't count either.
     I am appalled that we have lost two good, young officers because our council chose to support and even pay two criminals with histories of deception, choosing to believe their portrayal and those second and third hand renditions of antagonists with agendas over two police officers with no criminal history.  Due to their actions and refusal to move on from this incident the media continues to attack these officers though they no longer work with the city.  News accounts of the recent arrests of both Yourse and Scales automatically and predictably contained references to Officers Cole and Jackson though neither officer had any involvement in their arrests.  Common denominator; Yourse and Scales.
     I am appalled that the Council and even the Police Department add fuel to the fire with ridiculous "resolutions" calling for the revoking of Officer Cole's certification.  These "resolutions" are a waste of time and amount to nothing more than political grandstanding.  The Council obviously does not know the required criteria for Training and Standards to revoke a law enforcement officer's certification.  The Police Department SHOULD and should have known that their "resolution" was weak, worthless and displayed to the working officers a loyalty to outside forces over their own.
     I am appalled that those who call for "transparency" only call for the BWC video that they want to see.  How about the video of Yourse's mother thanking officers for stopping her "son" from breaking into her house again!  Transparency is not a one way street.
     I am appalled that their is no investigation into the administrative leak that has fed confidential  information to Sharon Hightower and Lewis Pitts.  Pitts openly opines about "protecting his courageous whistle blower".  His source is obviously within the upper administration, is a coward with an agenda and hides behind the safe haven of anonymity.  If this "source" had information that was accurate and damning he should fear no reprisal from this council and Mayor as they have demonstrated a gutless determination above and beyond to bastardize the Police Department and its' officers and take the side of radicals and extremists.  Yet, no investigation and no information corroborating any of Pitts claims.  Is the Police Department and City Council afraid of the results of an investigation into how and who is involved in illegally releasing confidential employee information?
     Finally, Mayor Vaughn concluded her "appalled" comments this way;

  "This is not the city I want to be Mayor of".

Agreed.  I don't want you to be Mayor anymore either.  Your actions and allegiances the past few years have been "Appalling"!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

     Rufus Scales got arrested again.  Should we be surprised by that?  You remember Rufus and his brother Devin don't you?  They are the two brothers that were GIVEN  $50,000 by our City Manager, Mayor and City Council because Nelson Johnson told them to or he would call us all racists.  Worse yet, the case against the brothers were dismissed at the behest of city officials instead of being tried in the courts even though the charges were determined to be lawful at the time of arrest by a judicial official trained in evaluating probable cause.  None of this stopped our biased local media and other opportunistic antagonists from continuing to lam bast Officer Travis Cole for making "false arrests" though every piece of legitimate evidence suggests otherwise.  It didn't stop those same forces from using this previous "un-tried" case against him to attempt to take his job and that of an assisting officer because they dared arrest a thief they had prevented from breaking into his mother's house...again!  What was his name again?  Oh yeah, Dejuan Yourse.  The guy our Mayor apologized to because Nelson Johnson and his band of antagonists from the land of embellishment insisted she do so; all those votes you know.  Now a group that uses the term "transparency" in their name wants videos and personnel files and who knows what else to keep this case in the public view even though Officer Cole and Officer Jackson have both moved on from GPD.  Fine by me; I love transparency.  Why don't we discuss that just a little bit further.
     First off, let me say for the record that not everyone in the group Greensboro Operation Transparency is unreasonable and insincere though the folks out front that speak for that group certainly seem to have their own agenda.  In fact I recently had coffee and a two and a half hour discussion with one of their members about each others concerns.  He requested that we meet because he wanted to get my impressions and input from a law enforcement perspective.  I in turn openly discussed a few folks that were involved with his group that I had "reservations about their motives".  Our conversation was very civil and I would do it again with this young man.  We agreed on much more than he ever believed we would.  I believe that this young man sincerely wants the same goal as I do; we just believe in different paths to achieve it.  This is a person that we can work with.  He is an asset.
     I was somewhat surprised that the News-Record actually printed a story about the Scales arrest.  They reported that he was charged with Felonious Breaking and Entering and Felonious Larceny.  Research says that is true and that his bond is $5,000.  The facts listed in the article sounded more like a burglary to me but until I actually ask a police officer and get the facts from a reliable source I will refrain from comment.  Why is this a big deal you ask, he is already charged with two felonies?  Because as recently as 1978, First Degree Burglary was a capital offense in North Carolina.  It is a more serious crime that comes with more serious consequences.  Of course the News-Record had to include the Cole incident in the write up as if that somehow mitigates this and all of his other crimes including a statement of the video showing Cole "throwing Scales to the ground".  I watched that video that was run on Fox8.  So did you.  Well, they have the reputation they have for a reason.
     Of course, Scales is the older story so "maybe" that is why they reported Scales Sunday arrest and conveniently overlooked the Friday arrest of Dejuan Yourse.  His arrest information would have been located in the same stack of papers that reporters have routinely checked for years to get these stories.  Of course, another arrest this recently after his publicized run in with Officers Cole and Jackson would certainly be a bit more damning of the ridiculously offered Mayoral apology and the efforts of GOT to retrieve more information on Cole.  It certainly more than defeats the characterization of a poor, innocent man just hanging around waiting on his momma....with a shovel....prying a garage check for a dog....that is mean....and apparently doesn't bark.  Wonder if we paid Yourse yet?
     Transparency you say?  Okay; where is the Body Worn Camera video of Yourse's mother thanking the police for preventing her son from breaking into her house and stealing from her again?  Where are all the neighbor's cell phone recordings of the Cole/Jackson/Yourse incident?  Oh wait, the neighbors are the ones that called and reported that Yourse was breaking in!  Where is the internal investigation of just who in the police department is leaking confidential information to Sharon Hightower?  Nelson Johnson?  Lewis Pitts?  Pitts admits he is protecting sources "within the department".  Are these details being leaked by rank and file officers?  Or are they being leaked by the much more likely sources in upper police administration?
     It is my understanding that a video exists as evidence in the Friday Yourse arrest that shows a rather severe assault on a female committed by him.  Since the GTO seems to not want to wait to see videos even though they are evidence of a crime or investigation of any type, will there be a demand by certain councilmen (Fox, Hightower) to have this video publicly viewed?  Certainly demonstrating violent tendencies would influence the perception of the officer's stated observations that day they encountered Yourse?  After all, Mr. Yourse has become the face of GTO's demands for transparency.  Should we not know everything about their cause before making decisions about their demands?

     It seems to me that total transparency is only accomplished when ALL sides are revealed.

     One concern for me that pertains to the Greensboro Transparency Organization and its' efforts to obtain Officer Cole's personnel file (and I expressed it to the aforementioned GTO member) is the perception of many and a belief of mine that obtaining that file has absolutely nothing to do with Officer Cole.  GTO wants that file because they are desperate to find something, anything to use against Chief Wayne Scott in their continuing efforts to have him removed so Nelson Johnson's choice can be appointed.  The attempted coup that I wrote about was real.  It was put down.  The losing side refuses to accept it.  Publicizing Yourse's Friday arrest would not enhance their efforts; and the News-Record knows it.
     On September 26th, 2016 I submitted a PIRT request with the city for e-mails from specific personnel regarding the Cole case.  75 city working days later I finally received 413 "edited" e-mails with some very specific omissions on January 17th, 2017.  I am still reviewing those.
     Previously through the PIRT system, I requested information on any documentation of monies specifically paid to a Brian Watkins who is also a disciple of Nelson Johnson and is involved with GTO.  I received confirmation of a $10,000 payment and a copy of his filed lawsuit in which he ADMITS to breaking the law.  However, the city advised me that there was no known documentation of who authorized that payment.  $10,000 of tax payer money given to an admitted law breaker yet no one authorized it?
     Had these criminal cases been tried it is likely that convictions would have been gained.  There would have been no monies paid.  Taxpayers would be at least $60,000 better off.  There would be no grounds for crying about "false arrests".  Prosecuting these suspects would have cost the city nothing.  Convicting them would have allowed the City Council the ability not to be inundated with complaints, of course dependent on the Mayor to actually make an attempt to control a meeting.  If a Judge found grounds for an acquittal or dismissed the case then you can examine the case for false arrest.  Improper conduct by an officer does not excuse criminal action by a suspect. 
     Has Yourse been paid?  Or does GTO need him to keep waiting so that he can be used as leverage to gain Cole's file?  I am positive it has been discussed.  Either way, if the goal is transparency then let us accomplish it together without agenda and more importantly completely!    

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Will Greensboro Continue to Buy What the Council is Selling?

     Gso Growth and Developmental Trend Report @greensborocity #GoodforGreensboro #soGso.  Poverty down 4 pts.  Median income up $1K.  Developmental plans at pre-recession levels and much more!!
                                                         Posted on Facebook, January 3, 2017 at 3:13 p.m.
                                                         by Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughn

     I am sure that the last thing you want to be reminded of 5 days before the Presidential inauguration is that this, 2017, is an election year.  Quite frankly for the residents of Greensboro it is more important than the 2016 election.  Our local city elections are held during "off years" and more often than not appear to go unnoticed by the local electorate.  11.5% of registered Greensboro voters is all that bothered to show up to vote in our municipal election in 2015.  No new council members were elected as the 11.5% that showed up were those that for the most part were somehow satisfied with the status quo.  Greensboro of course is and always has been a "blue" city.  Even though the council positions are deemed to be "non-partisan", everybody knows who is who and are frequently reminded by those who are incumbents so voters that vote "party" instead of results won't screw up the club.
     North Carolina's economic numbers improved the past few years though it appeared to me that   Greensboro is being left behind, possibly in part to our Mayor and Council's on going pissing contest with the General Assembly.  Greensboro has ranked at or near the top of some economic categories that certainly are not indicators of governmental success the past several years.  So, when I read our Mayor's Facebook post (above) I interpreted it to mean that maybe Greensboro was actually starting to trend upward despite our Mayor and City Council's best efforts to continue with their failed and historically ineffective progressive philosophy.  And unlike virtually everyone that read that post, I decided not to just take the Mayor's word for it and actually read the report for myself.  The actual numbers did not support the Mayor's post; at least not if you read the entire report and actually investigated the numbers.
     One of the things I like about how this report is written is that it provides comparative numbers for similar size cities in North Carolina.  As you may know, lots of comparisons have been made with Durham recently as our council full of social elitists attempt to sell us on the idea that a Greensboro Performing Arts Center will enhance our community as it has Durham's and will be every bit as successful.  I have taken the position that Greensboro has far more needs than another elitist play toy and does not have some of the advantages that Durham enjoys that makes their PAC more viable.  The numbers in this report bares that out.
     Let's start with wages.  Those who have money will spend it on some form of entertainment.  According to the Developmental and Trend Report (DTR) referenced by the Mayor the average wages in Greensboro are up the past year $1,230 ($44,520 to $45,750).  On its' face that would look okay.  However, that figure places us last when compared to Durham, Winston-Salem and Raleigh.  Further, our average wage according to this same and similar reports on our city website states that our average wage in 1990 was $36, 628.  This would appear to be an increase of approximately $9K the past 25 years.  Appearances can be deceiving.  When factoring in inflation (converting 1990 dollars into 2015 dollars) our wages have fallen off significantly.  Using an inflation factoring website ( $36,628 in 1990 equates to $66,423 in 2015.  By reverse, the celebrated "$1K" increase to $45, 750 in 2015 equates to $25,228 in 1990. An argument can be made that average wages in Greensboro went down more than $10K the past 25 years and probably as much as $20K,
     What's that?  It's going on everywhere you say?  Okay, let's check Durham.  In 1990, average wage in Durham was $35,024 which equates to $$63,514 today.  This report documents Durham's current average wage as $66,042.  In reverse that number equates to $36,418.  Durham has virtually kept up in this department.  In my opinion there is nothing to celebrate in these figures on average wages in Greensboro.
     To put this in a little perspective, Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, Emergency Services personnel and the vast majority of city employees make much less on average than what the average wage "should" be.
     Unemployment rate is another category that Greensboro has led the state in the past several years.  As we know, these numbers have been the subject of suspicion based on the apparent manipulation by progressive governments.  The DTR lists Greensboro's unemployment rate as approximately 5.5%.  Several of my fellow local bloggers have opined the policies of this council and city government that are not only harmful to businesses staying open but also discouraging new businesses from coming here.  This council and city staff seem to rely entirely on retail and continuously concentrate on frills.  They are out of touch with citizens that have to and need to work for a living.  Of course if you look at the make up of our council, very few of them understand "work".  Do I believe that figure of 5.5%?
     The DTR lists Greensboro's population at 285,344.  School children make up 84,221 of that number; 72,196* in Guilford County Schools, 3,660** in 7 charter schools and 8.365*** in private schools.  Approximately 50% of those students live in Greensboro (42,110) with approximately another 16,000**** preschool age children.  Subtracting these numbers from the total population there are approximately 227,234 working age adults.  The DTR reports that 136,841 Greensboro residents are employed.  That leaves 90,393 unemployed citizens; 40% of the population that is NOT working.  Is that extra 33% all retired?  Disabled?  Or are we using the federal government's "voodoo" math to tell us that all is well?
     If you do not believe the accuracy of the unemployment rate number (and I don't) then how can we possibly believe the reported drop in poverty percentage when it appears that a large percentage of our population has been conveniently ignored?
     Even with these numbers, the DTR is reporting a 10% employment growth in Greensboro between 2010-2015.  The DTR reports Durham's employment growth as 27%.  While Durham's majority of growth in jobs are reported to be in the fields of technology, health services, professional and scientific services, Greensboro's largest increase was in the field of "other services", described as the fields similar to equipment repair, advocacy and pet services.  It is little wonder that Greensboro ranks poorly as a city that people can start a career in.
     Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting an African American young woman who is a recent graduate from North Carolina A&T with a four year degree in Economics.  She is originally from Minnesota and located here for her last couple of years of high school to establish residency that would help her with tuition.  For years this city enjoyed population growth from out of town or state college students who liked Greensboro so much they stayed after graduation.  I expressed to this young lady that it has become very unusual the past 20 years for graduates to stay here due to the lack of job opportunities. She politely informed me that she leaves in two weeks because of that very thing.
     This has become the norm; high school students leaving town for college no longer return.  College students no longer stay.  According to the DTR only 36.3% of Greensboro's population is between the ages of 20-44. down almost 5% since 2010.  Under the current conditions it will get worse.  Forbes refers us to the website where a panel of university employees in the field of job resources ranked the largest 150 cities in the United States as best to worst in ability to start a career in.  The results for 2016; Raleigh 6th, Charlotte 22nd, Durham 42nd, Greensboro 83rd, Winston-Salem 87th, Fayetteville 99th.
     They are no longer coming, they are no longer staying.  The city is becoming older, poorer and there is no changes being considered that will correct either.  Yet we believe this city can support frills like a performing arts center when our citizens make $21,000 less a year on average than the city they are trying to emulate; and we haven't even begun to discuss the surrounding areas like Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary and all the other supporting areas that make Durham's performing arts center a success.
     This city council needs direction and leadership.  This citizenry needs to lose its' apathy.  Stop letting elitists and social antagonists control our city.  Too many of our Greensboro residents are suffering financially and are being taken advantage of socially.  Our City Council in general and our Mayor in particular need to stop worrying about who the President is, what the General Assembly is doing and address the business of the City of Greensboro.  Stop emphasizing social issues in an effort to divert attention from our poor local economy.  Unfortunately, I have no confidence in your ability to do this.
     Change in these philosophies or improvement in leadership will not happen unless voters show up in less than 10 months to reconfigure and eliminate the mundane and ineffective make up of this council.  Greensboro needs leadership; badly.  Stop with the smokescreens and slight of hand and address Greensboro's problems.  If you are so void of ideas and unwilling to change your unsuccessful policies and practices ( and your record says that you are) step aside.  You are killing this city.


****  this figure is approximated by taking the average of students in each grade and multiplying that number by 5 (for ages 0-4) to estimate the number of preschool children in our population.            

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lest we forget 2012

     The presidential election of 2012; ah, I remember it like it was yesterday.  You remember; The Republicans really thought they had that one boy!  A week before the election Mitt Romney had a lead in the polls, the debates were so one sided on the issues that Candy Crowley had to save the President's bacon by insisting Romney was wrong on a detail he was absolutely correct on and the country was in an uproar on its' way to a divisiveness like we had never seen.  This divisiveness was not just a racial or gender divide either.  The economy was not doing well, health premiums were skyrocketing due to an unpopular health care law and what new jobs were being created were part time or hourly with no benefits.  Small businesses were crumbling.  Romney was going to win.
     Then Hurricane Sandy hit.  The President correctly travels to New Jersey to survey the damage and offer concern, hugs the Republican Governor of New Jersey and pulls off a stunning come from behind victory.  The aftermath of that election result was scary.
     If you don't remember allow me to refresh your memory.  Election night at the Romney campaign headquarters was devastating to all of his followers; tears were flowing to the point that senior citizens were almost in convulsions from crying so hard and loud.  Facial contortions never seen before or since as if every household pet in Republican homes across the country had been hit by a car all at one time; even the goldfish!  Romney himself was so overcome with the emotion of not winning a position that was totally owed to him just couldn't drag himself to the stage to express his gratitude to his campaign workers for all they had done for him, having to be convinced that it wasn't really their fault he lost.  He sent his campaign manager to the stage to tell everyone to go home while we finished counting the votes, only to concede the election five seconds later.  He did manage to drag himself to the stage the next day to make a short speech before going back into hiding and sending his wife out to shake hands and thank everyone.
     College campuses at places like Liberty University and Bob Jones University had to call in grief counselors from all over the country and cancel classes for a day to help these poor, disillusioned students get past the destruction caused to their psychological systems by a constitutionally mandated election process that was somehow "unfair" because their guy didn't win.  At Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, students marched and rioted because they believed that those that voted against Romney had to be anti-Mormon and voted against him ONLY for this reason.
     In cities such as Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Columbia, Austin, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Knoxville, Jefferson City, Kansas City and many more like them, Republican supporters marched and rioted, proving their points by using profanity and gestures to TV cameras, breaking store front windows, looting property and burning cars and buildings.  Police in those communities resorted to riot and civil disturbance training to disperse those crowds because the Mayors in those cities sat on their hands, pleased that those in their party were upset that the political process did not yield their desired results.  Those politicians showed them;  we didn't get our way so tear it up!! 
     You remember that don't you?  Yeah, me neither.  Their is more than enough sample size to clearly state that this phenomenon is a left wing progressive extremist thing; and we don't understand.  It's also something else.  It is currently THE face of the Democrat Party.  Turn on the TV and what do you see?  No matter the reason you see the same thing.  There is always the same excuse too; "the peaceful protesters are not the ones doing that stuff".  Do you SEE any peaceful protesters?  "Well, the media is only showing the ones causing the problems".  You mean the media that has depicted this years Republican nominee in every negative light and from every negative angle they could find?  You would think that a media so left wing biased could produce some intelligent interviews of these non-violent protesters or better yet, interviews of the Mayors of these cities that would at least speak out against tearing up their own cities.  Of course, the media is also not reporting that these "events" are only occurring in cities that are being governed by left wing, progressive forms of government.  These cities are notorious for disorganized chaos and allowing these events to grow and fester.  They seem to want and welcome these types of uprisings as opposed to a legal uprising, such as a constitutionally mandated election.
     Again, take a look at these incidents and tell me what you see?  I see a few things.  With the exception of a few folks (like the professional rioters) I see a group of young people that probably only remembers our current President.  Most college students were ages 10-13 the last time someone was President other than President Obama.  They all grew up getting a trophy and have not been taught how to compete, how to handle losing graciously, how to handle adversity and how to work harder instead of complaining louder when something doesn't go your way.  I see young people who have grown up not learning how to communicate by any other means than electronic devices and has been taught that angry rhetoric is a form of effective communication.  I see young people that have bought into a "victim" mentality and bought into the left wing media biased reporting, taking what they read and hear as gospel and not bothering to confirm facts for themselves.  I see young people buying into left leaning educators on college campuses and not bothering to seek other points of view.
     For instance, Donald Trump liked to stick his foot in his mouth quite a bit during this election.  That still wasn't good enough for left wingers.  By the time November 8th rolled around they had convinced all of their minions that Trump was an unequivocal racist.  Does he want to properly vet Muslims entering the country from terrorist inhabited parts of the world; yep.  Does he want to prohibit illegal immigration and deport feloniously convicted illegal immigrants; yep.  Does that make him a racist?  Nope.
     Trump was endorsed by David Duke who he does not know. He was endorsed by other KKK publications as was Hillary Clinton.  Does that make either of them racist?  Nope.  Does Trump have any direct ties to the KKK or ANY other ring wing extremist nut bag outfit?  I haven't seen any such reports; only left wing liberal media innuendo.
     Ever hear of US Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia?  Hillary Clinton credits him for being her mentor and offered a very public and heartfelt eulogy when he passed away.  He was also an admitted member of the KKK while he was in office!  How about J. William Fulbright?  He was President Bill Clinton's admitted mentor and a Senator from Arkansas.  President Clinton offered a heartfelt public eulogy when Fulbright passed away while he was a sitting President.  Mr. Fulbright was also a devout segregationist.  These are examples of direct ties to racism yet left wing progressives routinely dismiss these relationships.**
     The point is that the American middle class rose up and said "enough".  Yet progressives still make excuses.
     They voted for Trump because they are racist.  Hillary Clinton is white.
     No, they are racist because they were really voting against Obama.  Obama wasn't running.
     No, I mean they were voting against her because they were against Obama because they didn't like his policies because he is black.  Every election is an exercise in voting for someone new or for/against the incumbents record and policies.  The US electorate gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt in 2012.  Hillary Clinton decided to run her campaign in large part based on staying the Obama course.  There are no policies or philosophies that I have read about or researched that contained or was dependent upon the fact that President Obama is black.
     Polling has shown for the past 4 years up to this election day that 70% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.  70% of the country is not Republican.  It is statistically impossible that the 70% is all white.  It is statistically impossible that the 70% is all uneducated, deplorable white males.  It is entirely possible that the 70% is made up of what middle class may be left in this country and probably current or former union workers who have seen little from a progressively run federal government and switched their voting tendencies because they actually heard a voice that included them.  That shrinking middle class isn't entirely white, uneducated males either.
     In its' simplest form, what happened last Tuesday is this; Americans were tired of progressive, divisive policies that have failed at every level of government in this country.  They are tired of being blamed for every "social injustice" that comes down the pike as if they are personally to blame.  They are tired of a double standard when it comes to the laws of the land.  They are tired of an apologistic attitude to our foreign enemies and the ridiculous policy of trusting governments whose radical religious beliefs consider it honorable to lie.  They are tired of excuse making and a lack of use of common sense.  They are tired of social and educational enabling that has encouraged dependence on government for everyday existence.  They are tired of being bullied and being categorized when voicing opposition to left wing policies. They are ready for a new way, a new direction and a person not consumed with his own political ambition.  They are tired of a government that not only does not work for them but one that does not work, period!
     This election produced two candidates that the majority of citizens did not personally like.  This left most voters, myself included, to consider the policies and philosophies both candidates represented.  Fortunately, the differences were stark allowing for a decision based on those differences.  The accusations by those on the left that everyone that voted for Trump are racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc. are ridiculous and indicative of why the Democrats lost big in this election.  The country is tired of the bully pulpit.  
     This election was about the economy and the direction of the country.  Donald Trump and the Republicans offered a different economic prospective.  Hillary Clinton had no record of achievement to run on; hers or the Democrat's.  Election over and all the marching, rioting and vandalism will not change it.
     "Elections have consequences"
                       President Barack Obama, 2009.

     "So does a record of failed policies and misguided social enabling"
                       Marc Ridgill, 2016

**  If you google "Bill Clinton mentor" or "Hillary Clinton mentor",  these individuals and their beliefs are revealed.   


Monday, October 31, 2016

Whose Procedure? Whose Justice?

     Procedural Justice!!!

     That is what we practice here in Greensboro today; a newfangled idea in the world of policing here in our fair city.  Effective?  You be the judge.  You see, among all the police bashing and politics that are being dictated to our department by city council and the city manager's office these days are also their ideas of HOW policing should be done.  None of these politicians or bureaucrats have one iotas worth of law enforcement experience or training mind you, none!  However it seems that our Mayor and her buddies Nelson Johnson, Lewis Pitts and all their little subversives from both outside the department and within the department have been allowed to have great input on police department procedures.  In their fantasy world of progressive and even communist politics and philosophies, criminals are to be handled as "victims".  It is apparently police officers and all the citizens who support law and order who are at fault.  Too many criminals are getting arrested.  Therefore, we must comply with the agitators because they who speak loudest must be right.  The Greensboro Police Department, a department that has been recognized in the not so distant past as being a national model of law enforcement professionalism and policing techniques has now been reduced to a scapegoat for bad political decision making and a lack of leadership and control at the highest level of government.  It's not progressive, liberal policies that are to blame.  It's not the lack of control of even the simplest forms of formal government procedure (i.e. running an efficient council meeting).  It has got to be the police.
     What is procedural justice?  There are several definitions that are longer than this article would be.  After researching this term, I was able to locate a lesson plan completed by COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services;  In a nutshell, the basic premise is nothing more than the way police officers have been taught to conduct interviews and public interaction for years.  The one addition that I can see is an over-emphasis on allowing citizens to come up with solutions to disputes on their own.  This may be effective when officers are attempting to mediate civil or domestic disagreements but again, this is nothing new.  However, when you apply this to criminal or public peace situations it rarely results in resolutions, especially if the crime being investigated is a felony and you are attempting to get a criminal suspect to conform to this philosophy.  As we have seen in recent Body Worn Camera video, a criminal is only looking for a solution that results in his or her getting away with their crime.  For instance, if an officer is attempting to restore peace and order on a crime scene and has given several lawful orders to an individual causing the disturbance to stop or disperse, asking him "sir, is there anything I can say to you to get you to comply" basically undermines the officer's authority and gives the authority to the suspect causing the disturbance.  Does placing the citizen in the position of authority help the officer achieve the goal of compliance?  Probably about the same as telling your teenager that "this time I REALLY mean it" when he has come home 4 hours past curfew for the umpteenth time.  Once reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a law has been violated exists, taking away the officer's authority and giving it to the suspect just doesn't work.
     Are we doing this in Greensboro?  Examples?  Okay; of course this is based on my observations during 29 years of experience and observing successful police officers.

Don't stop for equipment violations.

This one was implemented because our politicians were "appalled" at a New York Times article based on partial and incomplete research as well as information leaked to that reporter by a local left wing extremist "journalist".  The findings were later researched to a greater extent and found to be wrong.  Though these violations were NC state law it was decided they were being used to target African Americans by our socialist leaning Mayor and Council.  The usefulness of these stops combined with investigative technique were invaluable in preventing further criminal activity and locating an otherwise transient group of criminals with outstanding criminal charges.  Suspending these lawful stops resulted in also suspending the capturing of these wanted suspects and preventing them from committing other crimes.

Don't use Tasers unless a deadly force or eminent threat exists.

So wait until you are attacked, not when compliance is not imminent and the threat of attack is likely.  That makes sense; wait until you are attacked then try to taze him at close range.  This results in the greater likelihood of injury to the officer, the suspect and immediately brings the possibility of deadly force into the picture.

The city manager dictating the dropping of charges that a magistrate has found probable cause for and not allowing a Judge to rule on the legality.

Judges and other judicial officials are trained and qualified to determine the lawfulness of an arrest.  Mayors and City Managers are not.  Quite frankly, some police commanders don't have the policing experience to do so.  Apologizing to burglars and paying off law breakers before a judge or court rules on a case is simply asinine.  It is a practice that has been prevalent here in Greensboro the past few years and it needs to stop.  Local antagonists are being enabled and empowered when they are constantly given in to, reducing the effectiveness of the police to maintain order.

The results of these non proactive actions?

Let's just look at the past few days.  7 shootings in Greensboro this weekend.  Last evening, three occupied dwellings fired into over 30 times in a gang type shooting; you know, the gangs we don't have in Greensboro. Officers being called out en mass due to the problems caused by these groups during what should be a time of peaceful celebration of tradition.
     Our violent crime rate in Greensboro is up 25%.  Try as they may to suppress it, I believe the FBI will soon report that Greensboro is second only to Los Angeles in violent crime per capita.  Not New York.  Not Chicago.  Greensboro, North Carolina.
     Is this the way you want your city to be protected?  Is this the way you want your city perceived?  Do you want a police department that has problems recruiting new officers and maintaining current staff because the Mayor, the City Council, the City Manager and the political agitators want to maintain their cozy relationships?  Do you want these same politicians to dictate to the police how they do their jobs based on pushing ahead their progressive political philosophies?
     I have previously stated that we are very close to becoming Baltimore.  If our District Attorney were to retire and a "Baltimore type" District Attorney steps in, we are there.
     Violent Crime Per Capita in the United States of America
1st   Los Angeles
2nd  Greensboro

Wake up folks!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Time is running out Greensboro; how do you want it?

     Okay folks, you have a little less than a year to make a decision.  No, not you, the majority of the 11.5% that keeps voting this same weak city council back into office.  I'm talking to the 88.5% that for whatever reason stays home during city elections.  I know, city elections are inconveniently held in odd numbered years when no one else votes.  My belief is that it is designed that way because of that very reason.  Notice the bond issues are on the ballot this year?  Are you going to vote to give this bunch more taxpayer dollars to blow?  Can you as an individual citizen of Greensboro actually define "participatory budgeting" or just who receives and spends that money?  How about on what? 
     However, I'll leave the local economy, the horrible economic numbers and the lack of solutions this bunch possesses for a later time.  The more pressing issue at the moment is the absolute supporting and enabling of attacks on our public safety workers by city council and their agitating pals that have been never-ending over the past 2 years.  The main culprits have been documented here.  Nancy Vaughn and her bosom buddy Nelson Johnson are running rampant and out of control at the moment.  They do not support our Police Department no matter what Vaughn says.  Johnson hasn't supported anything but his personal message of hate for the past 50+ years and yet our Mayor has allowed him unprecedented access and influence over city matters.  This Mayor has allowed social issues to far exceed the actual business and day to day running of the city and created a downward slide for which she has no answer.  Nelson Johnson could care less about the financial and economic health of Greensboro.  He simply wants to call the shots, continue to see his name in the headlines and ensure he is in prime position to heavily influence or maybe even name the next Chief of Police himself.  He and his new partner in crime Lewis Pitts have been allowed unlimited access to disrupt council meetings with the Mayor providing absolutely zero consequences for their "out of order behavior".  Yet this past week, she dares lecture Councilman Tony Wilkins on council decorum when he correctly requested Councilman Jamal Fox to identify the elected officials he was accusing of being intolerant of Muslims.  Even Councilperson Sharon Hightower, the epitome of council disruption, chimed in to scold Mr. Wilkins.
     We all know who Fox was referring to because whether the council believes it or not, we can count; that would be 8 Democrats to 1 Republican.  Gee, I wonder who Jamal was targeting?  This is the same bunch who would also have you believe that there is no gang problem in Greensboro.  "Nope, doesn't exist" they say.  Dismantle that gang unit, we don't need them.  Just the very suggestion that we have gangs in Greensboro is somehow "politically incorrect".  No sir, not here; we are progressive and we love and tolerate everybody.  Gang problem in Greensboro; noooooo!

     POPPYCOCK!  (I can't say horseshit because my Mom reads my blog)

     My last 8 years I worked as a School Resource Officer at Grimsley High School.  I saw first hand the existence of gangs.  I also observed the lack of organization in gangs that occurred when the gang unit of the Greensboro Police Department identified and certified gang members and assisted in removing their leaders from the streets.  Proactive pursuit of these gangs resulted in a reduction of activity and membership.  The disbanding of this unit has allowed new leaders to emerge and a full-fledged recruiting effort to rise. They are once again becoming more organized. These recruiting efforts include gang initiation acts of violence and criminal acts.  Proactive policing allows you to stay on top of these problems.  Ignoring that they exist or proclaiming the problem "solved" is simply displaying ignorance of the "real world".  The council should be listening and deferring to law enforcement expertise, not trying to dictate how the department performs its' job based on an agitator's opinion and agenda.
     This council in general and this Mayor in particular have gone out of their way to enable and appease the agitators in this city.  Nelson Johnson doesn't represent a fraction of the African American community in Greensboro.  He is not a trusted leader.  Yet there he is, disrupting and interrupting formal council meetings and making veiled threats about "Greensboro getting ready to explode".  Why hasn't anyone on that council and specifically the Mayor not ask him to explain that comment?  If he believes (and he apparently does) that he can make such bold statements then get him on record as to what "explode" consists of?  He makes the public statement, call him out and get the public explanation.  Is he threatening violence?  He certainly has a history of threatening and committing violent acts.  There is a difference in a constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble  and a violation of NC General Statutes regarding inciting a riot.  This is a guy that stood by Jorge Cornell, a leader of one of those gangs that "don't exist" in Greensboro.  You may have forgotten about him because he has been away in Federal prison for crimes he committed in relation to that gang city council says "doesn't exist" here.
     Why am I talking about gangs and the political future of Greensboro?  Here is the reason.  This past week we have had an unusually high number of shootings here.  A security guard gunned down by a 16 year old while working at one of the only grocery stores serving east Greensboro.  Motive?  No argument.  No confrontation.  The shooter was participating in a gang initiation and believed he was shooting a uniformed Greensboro Police Officer.  How about a paramedic, one who saves lives no matter who they are, who steps outside to take a quick smoke break only to have a gun stuck in her face by a male displaying the red flag of the Bloods gang.  Why; to verbally threaten her that she and all other paramedics had better "watch their backs" insinuating that shootings and killings are imminent.  These gangs are actively recruiting, holding initiations and now are boldly accosting and attacking emergency service workers simply for wearing a uniform.  Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics all understand that the job sometimes puts their lives in harms way.  However, contrary to popular belief they are not required to lay down their life for yours.  And they certainly should not be in fear of random violence simply because we have a City Council and Mayor whose actions and policies cater to the festering of such actions.
     Nelson Johnson has publicly denounced the hiring of Wayne Scott over his preferred candidates beginning with Chief Scott's opening press conference.  Wayne has been operating behind the 8 ball his entire term with zero support from the council.  Johnson has constantly made reference to other violent riots and situations such as Ferguson, Missouri when speaking out against the police and Chief Scott.  The City Council has gone out of its' way to appease Johnson with the effect being only to embolden him to speak more rhetoric against police and push for more and more control.  He and Pitts consistently ignore decorum and requests to stop disrupting meetings yet the Mayor like an enabling parent continues to draw lines only to move them.  Mayor Vaughn, are you in with them or scared of them?  
     In the past year we have seen knee jerk reactions to nonsense that attack our Police Officers.  For instance a partially investigated news report on vehicle stops that when researched further was proven false.  The article was written by that bastion of journalistic integrity the New York Times and based on incomplete information provided by a local left wing journalist here in Greensboro,  When proven false by a study completed by a university (an African American researcher) the results were proven inaccurate and the article research incomplete at best.  Yet, council members who were "shocked and appalled" never walked that "jumped to" conclusion back nearly as publicly or loudly, allowing the perception that those problems were rampant.  As a result, policies limiting traffic stops, types of laws enforced and even officer discretion were implemented in an effort to "even up the numbers".  Officers have been unfairly punished and their reputations smeared in an effort to further appease Johnson.  The results of limiting and in some cases eliminating proactive police practices have led to a rise in the violent crime rate (25%) and attrition of our police force.  It has been reported through sources within the department that we are currently approximately 50 positions short.  The current recruit class started with only 22.  With High Point and Winston-Salem needing officers and offering competitive salaries and benefits, Greensboro is in danger of losing large numbers of officers.  Why would they stay?  It is obvious to them and anyone paying attention that the Mayor and the vast majority of City Council intend to continue to support and enable Nelson Johnson and all the other civil agitators with left wing extremist agendas instead of the men and women who do put their lives in harms way to protect us.
     Even thousands of tax payer dollars have been given out to criminals based on the threats of "civil unrest" and approved by "someone" in city government.  Why do I say "someone"?  Because when I filed a PIRT request for documents pertaining to a lawsuit, confirmation of payment and the person with the city that signed off on the authorization of payment, I was provided a copy of the lawsuit and confirmation.  I was told in writing that the information on the authorization was unavailable.  When I pressed further I was told in writing that there was no name attached to the check or file.  In other words, they would have us believe that we paid $10,000 to settle a lawsuit but no one authorized it.  This lawsuit was paid to a member of Johnson's Beloved Community Center and in the lawsuit he admits to violating the law he claims he was falsely arrested for.  We even told 2 officers that they had somehow done wrong when a judicial official said otherwise.  The case never was tried and justice was interrupted to appease.
     We paid 2 brothers $50,000 at the insistence of Johnson that a judicial official found probable cause to charge without them even bothering to sue.  Again, we didn't wait and see if they were convicted in court instead cowering to Johnson and his threats and demands.  An officer was smeared after having been originally cleared of wrongdoing in an administrative investigation.
     Now we have Mr. Yourse.  Mayor Vaughn publicly apologized to a convicted habitual felon who has a vast criminal history of committing felonious crimes of deception (frauds, false pretenses, etc)  She apologized for not allowing Mr. Yourse to break into his mother's house AGAIN and steal from her.  Mayor Vaughn and her council once again jumped to a conclusion that seems to fit her narrative and agenda.  I wonder how much tax payer dollars we will pay Mr. Yourse.  Once again, a judicial official found probable cause and once again the case will not be tried in court.  Once again, Nelson Johnson is involved.  When was it that the laws of the land were changed to allow political figures to take on the role of judges and prosecutors and determine when officers have made improper arrests?
     Yet, this is the climate that Nancy Vaughn and her council has created; police officers are wrong and the poor criminals need to be paid.  Disrupt a meeting as an agitator or supporter of Nelson Johnson; no problem,  Raise your voice to a condescending councilman that is accusing you of being an "elected official" that discriminates against Muslims and gutlessly refusing to say it out loud; then we have a "decorum issue".  I would pose the question "Mayor Vaughn, whose side are you on; law and order and public peace and prosperity or supporting progressive mayhem and chaos"?  No need; your actions have answered that question for us.
     Greensboro is and has been a "blue" city.  This is no longer about Democrats and Republicans.  We are now having trouble recruiting new officers.  We are now having to take extra precautions to protect emergency service workers that do not carry weapons to protect themselves.  The void of any confidence in our city government and administration by police officers is already leading to an increasing rate of attrition.  Morale is at the bottom.  Confidence in an undermined  police administration is non-existent.  Fear that Nelson Johnson will get his way in naming the next Chief of Police is very real.  Leaks in confidential information by subversives within the police department to council members such as Sharon Hightower are becoming the norm.  Quite frankly, one could surmise that a conspiracy may be taking place.
     Are you listening Greensboro?  All is not well.  New businesses already do not come here.  We have a "food desert" situation on east Greensboro in part to the lack of ability to secure and protect businesses.  Your police department is being attacked by subversive entities that are being allowed and enabled to operate by a lack of strength and leadership in our local governing body.  You have less than a year before you the voting citizen can correct it.  We need redistricting to occur.  We need new and talented citizens to step forward and lead.  We need citizens to stop believing media reports that support the nonsense that is going on downtown and speak up in support of your emergency service workers.  We are losing the fight against agendist with absolutely no regard for the welfare of anyone but themselves.  We have to take this next city election seriously.  4 more years of this and you will not have a police department to protect you.