Tuesday, July 23, 2019

You Be the Judge; Part 4

     While we wait for the NCAE and the GCAE to provide their 2017 and 2018 990 federal tax forms, let us review what we have thus far.
     There seems to be some deflection going on within the ranks of supporters of the GCAE and NCAE.  Let's be clear; the issue I am raising has not one thing to do with either of those organizations pertaining to their representation of teachers.  It has nothing to do with education.  It has nothing to do with the Guilford County Board of Education and the 2018 election.  It doesn't even have anything to do with Mr. Jewell and Mr. Warren's position of president of either organization.  There is no reason to cloud this issue with any of this unless the purpose is to deflect.
     The issue is simple.  We have documentation provided by the Guilford County Schools that they are paying Mark Jewell and Todd Warren as teachers.  We have documentation that Jewell has been receiving a salary and other compensation from the NCAE as reported on the organization's 990 federal tax forms.  We know that past presidents of the GCAE immediately prior to Todd Warren taking over that position have been receiving a salary as reported on their 990 federal tax forms.  We also know that no expenditures to the Guilford County Schools were reported on these 990 federal tax forms notating "salary reimbursement".  There are no figures reported that match or correspond with the reported salaries GCS is paying both.  We know that the Rhino Times reported on this arrangement in 2017 with statements from Jewell and GCS Chief Financial Officer Angela Henry that reimbursement was occurring yet still no documentation has been presented by either entity.  These are documented facts.  So again, why the mystery?
     It would seem rather simple to present the corresponding data for the past several years showing accounts paid and accounts received to clear up any misgivings.  Yet, Mr. Jewell and Mr. Warren appear to believe that they are somehow above transparency.  It would seem to be beneficial for both to be above suspicion yet they both seem to dismiss inquiries as if they believe they owe no explanation at all.  Show us the proof that you are not being paid by both GCS, who you are not working for and the organizations you are actually working for full time. 
     Then, we can work on understanding WHY this arrangement exists in the first place?  The GCS explanation seems to be "this is the way we have always done it".  "Always" is a long time.  Jewell doesn't even live in Guilford County.  He is currently conducting a campaign to be elected to the National Educators Association's Board of Directors.  He has zero intention of returning to a GCS classroom.  If he is not contributing through GCS into a state retirement or receiving benefits, why is he still being paid by GCS?  What possible benefit to GCS is keeping him on the payroll?  What benefit to the taxpayers, students and parents?  WHO does this arrangement benefit and HOW?
     I am now sure that the Guilford County Board of Education is aware that I am asking these questions.  There are also "others" that are aware of these questions and have indicated they are also "interested" in the answers.  Hopefully the presidents of the NCAE and GCAE will provide credible documentation that those organizations have been reimbursing the tax payers of Guilford County for their salaries.  Hopefully, GCS will provide credible, corroborative documentation that they have received compensation as well as correspondence as to why they would enter into such an agreement as this.  Why would any organization, corporation or business of any kind pay a salary to someone not working for them and arrange to be reimbursed? 
     The issue is simple.  Produce the documentation.  Explain the reasons.  Stop deflecting.         

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