Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lest we forget 2012

     The presidential election of 2012; ah, I remember it like it was yesterday.  You remember; The Republicans really thought they had that one boy!  A week before the election Mitt Romney had a lead in the polls, the debates were so one sided on the issues that Candy Crowley had to save the President's bacon by insisting Romney was wrong on a detail he was absolutely correct on and the country was in an uproar on its' way to a divisiveness like we had never seen.  This divisiveness was not just a racial or gender divide either.  The economy was not doing well, health premiums were skyrocketing due to an unpopular health care law and what new jobs were being created were part time or hourly with no benefits.  Small businesses were crumbling.  Romney was going to win.
     Then Hurricane Sandy hit.  The President correctly travels to New Jersey to survey the damage and offer concern, hugs the Republican Governor of New Jersey and pulls off a stunning come from behind victory.  The aftermath of that election result was scary.
     If you don't remember allow me to refresh your memory.  Election night at the Romney campaign headquarters was devastating to all of his followers; tears were flowing to the point that senior citizens were almost in convulsions from crying so hard and loud.  Facial contortions never seen before or since as if every household pet in Republican homes across the country had been hit by a car all at one time; even the goldfish!  Romney himself was so overcome with the emotion of not winning a position that was totally owed to him just couldn't drag himself to the stage to express his gratitude to his campaign workers for all they had done for him, having to be convinced that it wasn't really their fault he lost.  He sent his campaign manager to the stage to tell everyone to go home while we finished counting the votes, only to concede the election five seconds later.  He did manage to drag himself to the stage the next day to make a short speech before going back into hiding and sending his wife out to shake hands and thank everyone.
     College campuses at places like Liberty University and Bob Jones University had to call in grief counselors from all over the country and cancel classes for a day to help these poor, disillusioned students get past the destruction caused to their psychological systems by a constitutionally mandated election process that was somehow "unfair" because their guy didn't win.  At Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, students marched and rioted because they believed that those that voted against Romney had to be anti-Mormon and voted against him ONLY for this reason.
     In cities such as Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Columbia, Austin, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Knoxville, Jefferson City, Kansas City and many more like them, Republican supporters marched and rioted, proving their points by using profanity and gestures to TV cameras, breaking store front windows, looting property and burning cars and buildings.  Police in those communities resorted to riot and civil disturbance training to disperse those crowds because the Mayors in those cities sat on their hands, pleased that those in their party were upset that the political process did not yield their desired results.  Those politicians showed them;  we didn't get our way so tear it up!! 
     You remember that don't you?  Yeah, me neither.  Their is more than enough sample size to clearly state that this phenomenon is a left wing progressive extremist thing; and we don't understand.  It's also something else.  It is currently THE face of the Democrat Party.  Turn on the TV and what do you see?  No matter the reason you see the same thing.  There is always the same excuse too; "the peaceful protesters are not the ones doing that stuff".  Do you SEE any peaceful protesters?  "Well, the media is only showing the ones causing the problems".  You mean the media that has depicted this years Republican nominee in every negative light and from every negative angle they could find?  You would think that a media so left wing biased could produce some intelligent interviews of these non-violent protesters or better yet, interviews of the Mayors of these cities that would at least speak out against tearing up their own cities.  Of course, the media is also not reporting that these "events" are only occurring in cities that are being governed by left wing, progressive forms of government.  These cities are notorious for disorganized chaos and allowing these events to grow and fester.  They seem to want and welcome these types of uprisings as opposed to a legal uprising, such as a constitutionally mandated election.
     Again, take a look at these incidents and tell me what you see?  I see a few things.  With the exception of a few folks (like the professional rioters) I see a group of young people that probably only remembers our current President.  Most college students were ages 10-13 the last time someone was President other than President Obama.  They all grew up getting a trophy and have not been taught how to compete, how to handle losing graciously, how to handle adversity and how to work harder instead of complaining louder when something doesn't go your way.  I see young people who have grown up not learning how to communicate by any other means than electronic devices and has been taught that angry rhetoric is a form of effective communication.  I see young people that have bought into a "victim" mentality and bought into the left wing media biased reporting, taking what they read and hear as gospel and not bothering to confirm facts for themselves.  I see young people buying into left leaning educators on college campuses and not bothering to seek other points of view.
     For instance, Donald Trump liked to stick his foot in his mouth quite a bit during this election.  That still wasn't good enough for left wingers.  By the time November 8th rolled around they had convinced all of their minions that Trump was an unequivocal racist.  Does he want to properly vet Muslims entering the country from terrorist inhabited parts of the world; yep.  Does he want to prohibit illegal immigration and deport feloniously convicted illegal immigrants; yep.  Does that make him a racist?  Nope.
     Trump was endorsed by David Duke who he does not know. He was endorsed by other KKK publications as was Hillary Clinton.  Does that make either of them racist?  Nope.  Does Trump have any direct ties to the KKK or ANY other ring wing extremist nut bag outfit?  I haven't seen any such reports; only left wing liberal media innuendo.
     Ever hear of US Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia?  Hillary Clinton credits him for being her mentor and offered a very public and heartfelt eulogy when he passed away.  He was also an admitted member of the KKK while he was in office!  How about J. William Fulbright?  He was President Bill Clinton's admitted mentor and a Senator from Arkansas.  President Clinton offered a heartfelt public eulogy when Fulbright passed away while he was a sitting President.  Mr. Fulbright was also a devout segregationist.  These are examples of direct ties to racism yet left wing progressives routinely dismiss these relationships.**
     The point is that the American middle class rose up and said "enough".  Yet progressives still make excuses.
     They voted for Trump because they are racist.  Hillary Clinton is white.
     No, they are racist because they were really voting against Obama.  Obama wasn't running.
     No, I mean they were voting against her because they were against Obama because they didn't like his policies because he is black.  Every election is an exercise in voting for someone new or for/against the incumbents record and policies.  The US electorate gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt in 2012.  Hillary Clinton decided to run her campaign in large part based on staying the Obama course.  There are no policies or philosophies that I have read about or researched that contained or was dependent upon the fact that President Obama is black.
     Polling has shown for the past 4 years up to this election day that 70% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.  70% of the country is not Republican.  It is statistically impossible that the 70% is all white.  It is statistically impossible that the 70% is all uneducated, deplorable white males.  It is entirely possible that the 70% is made up of what middle class may be left in this country and probably current or former union workers who have seen little from a progressively run federal government and switched their voting tendencies because they actually heard a voice that included them.  That shrinking middle class isn't entirely white, uneducated males either.
     In its' simplest form, what happened last Tuesday is this; Americans were tired of progressive, divisive policies that have failed at every level of government in this country.  They are tired of being blamed for every "social injustice" that comes down the pike as if they are personally to blame.  They are tired of a double standard when it comes to the laws of the land.  They are tired of an apologistic attitude to our foreign enemies and the ridiculous policy of trusting governments whose radical religious beliefs consider it honorable to lie.  They are tired of excuse making and a lack of use of common sense.  They are tired of social and educational enabling that has encouraged dependence on government for everyday existence.  They are tired of being bullied and being categorized when voicing opposition to left wing policies. They are ready for a new way, a new direction and a person not consumed with his own political ambition.  They are tired of a government that not only does not work for them but one that does not work, period!
     This election produced two candidates that the majority of citizens did not personally like.  This left most voters, myself included, to consider the policies and philosophies both candidates represented.  Fortunately, the differences were stark allowing for a decision based on those differences.  The accusations by those on the left that everyone that voted for Trump are racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc. are ridiculous and indicative of why the Democrats lost big in this election.  The country is tired of the bully pulpit.  
     This election was about the economy and the direction of the country.  Donald Trump and the Republicans offered a different economic prospective.  Hillary Clinton had no record of achievement to run on; hers or the Democrat's.  Election over and all the marching, rioting and vandalism will not change it.
     "Elections have consequences"
                       President Barack Obama, 2009.

     "So does a record of failed policies and misguided social enabling"
                       Marc Ridgill, 2016

**  If you google "Bill Clinton mentor" or "Hillary Clinton mentor",  these individuals and their beliefs are revealed.   



  1. So you voted for the SEX OFFENDER who even made lewd comments toward underage girls which makes him a PEDOPHILE. You are a useless hypocrite on that subject.

    Donald and his anti union policies are a bonus to the ruling class and not the working class

    Donald and his supporters are bigots. This election grabbed em by the pussy. He is a racist, sexist anti Muslim scumbag who got fewer votes than Ms Wall St puppet.

    When the "winner" gets less votes than the "loser" you know you do not have a legitimate system. Revolution is the key to getting a government who represents the people it rules over instead of the corporate oligarchs who run the world now.

    Luckily there are people who are prepared to deal with the anti citizen police crackdown that authoritarian fascists like you want.

  2. Replies
    1. Voted for the wall st puppet rather than the racist. Shame she cheated the socialist out of his place in the sun. Bernie would have mopped up the kkk guy if he had not been robbed.

      Trump, the candidate of choice for the KKK AND marc ridgill.

      Look up the spike in hate crimes since this election farce. The racists have been emboldened by this. I hope this time the targets of racists are armed to the tee. I hope they exterminate any white supremacist hate group the moment they become a threat.

  3. As usual you are full of shit and create your own set of facts. But if you want a DIRECT and FACTUAL tie to the KKK, google "Hillary Clinton mentor" and "Bill Clinton mentor". Trump saved us from KKK affiliation

    1. By the way, when did you get your voting rights reinstated? Or did you represent a dead guy.

    2. That tripe proves you did not google "trump kkk endorsement" or "spike in hate crimes since election". Every kkk group in existence endorsed trump. That is verifiable fact.

      Trumps father was such a racist slumlord that Pete Seeger wrote a song about him. Trumps father was also an active kkk member. Both parties have kkk ties and are unsuitable for office because of their allegace to the rich.

      David duke likes trump too. You have some fine company there

    3. I told you before I voted as Jerome "curly stooge" Howard just to cancel out your racist vote.

      Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

      Your ignorance of voting laws again proves you are not an attorney.

    4. Well I am back from Peru, 2 days after our election. The first day, the people of Peru were very happy because they believe Trump will be good for South America in general (the next 4 years will be a good indicator).

      Brian, Trump's father was not an active KKK member. He was arrested in the same are as some KKK members on an unrelated issue. The news article which published it will spell it out. Also, yes there has been a spike in hate crimes; by people who are against Trump. However, we will not see this in main steam media. The young white female who was beaten by a young black female because the white female posted on instagram she was supporting Trump. The elderly gentleman 61 years of age I believe, not sure if it was California or Washington. The black mother who filmed kicking her own son out of the house because he voted for Trump in a mock election.

      As for Trump being a pedophile, it has never even had a shred of proof, except for the female filing 3 lawsuits, 2 she dropped and 1 was thrown out. But we can look at HRC who visited pedophile island at least 6 times. Joe Biden caught on video rubbing young girls on stage, making comments on the same video of how he would like to kiss them. However you are not mentioning this.

      I am pro union, as they were originally designed. They were for workers rights such as safety and health benefits. But unions now are more PAC's than actually caring about worker's safety and benefits. In my opinion the union's need to be bounced back to the way they were meant to be.

      Marc, good humor on the twist of scenario. You also bring up a good discussion about how the Trump election was all about racism because only white people voted for him. Two people one CNN reporter and one "celebrity" used the term "whitelash".

      Another thing Trump will do, which I was briefed about was his planning to declare The Muslim Brotherhood and sub-organizations as terrorist organizations. Something the current administration failed to do on quite a few occasions.

      I would like to see this conversation turn from a shouting match and more into an intellectual conversation using facts. But I doubt this will happen.

      I will tell you both I voted for Trump early, but not often. I believe he will do more for inner cities than HRC would have. Such as eliminating common core, giving the guidance of education back to the states instead of giving it to the federal government.

      I am sure this will bring a flood of negativity so let it begin.

    5. Also if anyone knows of a Peruvian restaurant around here I would appreciate it. The food down there was excellent!!

    6. A vote for trump is a vote for bigotry. He literally has the endorsements of every white supremacist group in the country.
      This is a fact BOTH of you ignore.

      I suspect that both of you agree with them on WAY more things besides trump. If you are "black" then you need to stop being an uncle Tom. I suspect you are a white cop pretending to be a black uncle tom to conceal your white supremacist influence.

      America got grabbed by the pussy in this "election". As sleazy as HRC is she is ahead of the orange racist by nearly a million votes. This "election" is not valid and I do not recognize the orange racist as my leader.

      Giving states control of education gives you creationist lies and white washed history which minimizes the civil rights movement. Texas school books already call slaves "workers from Africa" completely leaving out the fact they were forced to work under brutal conditions.

      Telling children that the universe was created in a week by an invisible man in the sky is the epitome of keeping people ignorant to control them. But ignorance is the only way religion of all types has survived all these centuries.

      Trump will run this country into the ground like it was one of his numerous corporate bankruptcies. Him and his racist father already have a disaterous history with "inner cities" that's where their slum tenements are located.

      But keep being a bitch for the system that keeps us all down. Our ruling class appreciates your lack of black pride.

      Ever notice how people who don't believe in evolution look really unevolved?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Even if the wall st puppet only beats the orange racist by one vote it invalidates his "victory"

  6. Why did you delete the "I believe the popular vote totals may have been revised" comment??? does the taste of your own foot in your mouth offend you??

    No matter how many times you want to edit out the truth, crooked hillary, as sleazy as she is won this election.

  7. All I am even able to come up with today is. It does not surprise me that Brian can only come up with insults and nothing substantive. It shows what is happening around the country, if you disagree with someone's views, you are a racist or uncle tom. SMH

    1. So you can't comment on how the "winner" has almost a million votes less than crooked Hillary. He was right about the system being rigged. ........ In his favor that is.

  8. Well I know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I thought this would be a good lark.

    1. Stop changing the subject. Donald trump has disturbing white supremacist ties and lost the election by 750000 votes yet our RIGGED system is trying to claim that the orange racist is the winner.

      Your tripe about police murder is irrelevant, untrue and designed to trick people into forgetting that EVERY arrest statistic that is divided by race shows police targeted black people.

      Distracting from racism with different racism doesn't help your case.

  9. In other words dont bother Brian with facts. He is a communist and has been quoting eroneous stats since He became an avid reader of my blog and lefties only care about voodoo numbers that support their nonsense. Maybe some of these wussie college students can loan him some crayons and playdough to help him get over the uprising of Americans that actually work for a living that want to "make AMERICA great again!!! Bad week to be a communist piece of shit.

    1. End felon discrimination so all those who want to work can get a LIVING WAGE JOB

    2. The FACTS are that we have a white supremacist who lost the vote by 750000 and STOLE the white house

  10. That is NOT a fact and you cannot produce one thing in the man's history to come remotely close to documenting it. Repeated media and left wing rhetoric that rubes choose to believe are not FACTS. Now go try to save your girl Pelosi. Socialism and especially communism are now back in their rightful place. Irrelevant.

    1. The orange clan member will drive the country into bankruptcy like it was one of his many business bankruptcies. He is a failure as a business man who makes dubya bush look like a member of MENSA

  11. To add to Marc's comment, just because someone wins the popular vote doesn't mean they win the electoral. There has been many times in history it occurred before. However, when the democrats lose, they are the first one to take up arms and call for a revolution and destroy property and deny people's rights.

    Brian, I will agree there is felony discrimination when it comes to jobs. I believe some, not all, felons should be given a fair shake after they have paid their debt to society. But those crimes would be few and far between. Murder, Robbery, Sexual Offenses & Rape, contempt of congress and perjury would be a few off the top of my head that would not get a fair shake. This is because of the pure nature of the offenses.

    I am sure Marc can remember a time in North Carolina's history from what I have been told, anything sexual that was not for procreation was against the law. But, from what I can tell those crimes are not pursued anymore? Am I correct or mistaken on this?

    Well I am in Kiev this week and it is very late and very cold. I am going to have a few drinks and call it a night.

    Peace and love to all. We belong to a Nation. A nation is made up of all the people, not made up of subgroups.

    1. Those who don't want ALL felons to work shouldn't complain about "entitlements"

      The electoral college is anti democratic when it goes against the popular vote. Abolish it.

  12. One other think. The Ukrainian people are very happy about the election results. The working class and much of local government here are tired of Obama's foreign policy or lack there of. Their biggest hope is to end the bloodshed in the region due to the Russian growth. They believe that Trump can make up for what Obama, Clinton, and most recently Kerry could not or would not do.

    1. You just applaud the return of white supremacist rule

  13. How am I applauding? I am telling what the citizens here think.

    1. You applaud white supremacy by voting for a white supremacist. Do a google alert for "Donald trump racist" then you will get a daily update on the latest racist thing he does or racist people he appoints to his cabinet. How many examples of trump racism does it take for you to get your head out of the sand?

  14. Replies
    1. For an anti communist who voted for the orange racist there is some conflict for you. The orange racist is practically married to Vladimir "pootey poot" putin. So your racist idol is very chummy with the guy who wants to bring back the Soviet union. What does an anti communist stooge do??

  15. To those who voted for the orange racist