Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Left Wing Extremist Bait and Switch

     During the "comments from the floor" segment of the June 21st Greensboro City Council meeting, a frequent visitor to both the council and this blog approached and requested that "the City Council do something about Marc Ridgill".  Yes, our own favorite communist, anti-police agitator Brian Watkins was in front of Council yet again.  It seems Mr. Watkins is much like the school yard bully; when he has the dominant position he is empowered but punch the bully in the mouth and he complains of unfair treatment.  Poor Brian's complaint (which you can watch on video) is that he is "being targeted by Marc Ridgill because I target police officers".  Who woulda thunk it?  Me, a retired Greensboro Police Officer of 29 years of service and many friends and colleagues that still serve the city in the face of very little support from city government would even dare think about targeting an anti-police agitator who among his many vile practices steals Facebook photos from officers pages so he can write derogatory and disgusting things about them?  Would I even consider targeting a person that lives to hide behind several computer aliases yet refers to officers as "murderers" or "cowards", then cries boo-hoo to the Mayor and blames the police department because he doesn't like me exercising my First Amendment Rights to criticize his use of his First Amendment Rights?  As I stated to Internal Affairs when they called while investigating his complaint on me last month, "if he continues to attack Greensboro Police Officers or any law enforcement for no reason at all I will intensify my efforts to challenge him on every false claim he makes".
     However, if you're reading Brian (and we know that you are) this article is not about you.  The above example is classic left wing political bait and switch.  "I target but he shouldn't be allowed to".  It's the silly political season that has front and center two candidates that will produce water cooler debates for the ages.  It has already started and is already ridiculous.  If you are dyed in the wool Democrat you have already made up your mind that Hillary is the one.  If you are dyed in the wool Republican you have already made up your mind that you will never, ever consider voting for Hillary.  So if you are in the camp of "this is the best we can do?" and you actually pay attention to what goes on in the world you have a dilemma.  If you fall into this category, you are also going to decide this election.  Consider what we have heard in the last week in the media as well as what some of my "dyed in the wool" liberal friends have stated to me.
     "The things I have heard Trump say and the things his supporters say are scary.  He might start a war.  His positions on immigration and accepting Islamic refugees are racist.  If he wins he might put us back into a recession and he might destroy all of our trade agreements.  He isn't even that great of a business man."

     Admittedly there are some unknowns with a candidate that has not served as a politician.  That is a big part of the Trump allure.  Most folks with common sense from both sides of the aisle would agree that we are having trouble properly vetting legal immigrants and given the extraordinary rise in mass shootings since 2008 involving suspects with Islamic affiliations curtailing immigration from parts of the world where terrorists are concentrated would be a smart thing to do.  The position of Mr. Trump not being a great business man is just asinine.  Only four bankruptcy procedures out of over 1100 owned businesses; please.  It is correct to question his thoughts and policies, BUT are his unknowns really any greater than any other first time presidential candidate?  Promises are always made; how often are they kept?
     I don't have to rehash Hillary's record of non-achievement.  She is corrupt and even Democrats will admit that.  She talks about championing women yet has made millions off of countries that demean and torture women as a matter of law.  She takes money from many countries that will kill you for being gay or lesbian.  She even pays the men who work for her more than her female employees.  She has the blood of Americans on her hands and even blatantly lied to the families of those killed.  And when questioned about her responsibility for these Americans by Congress her answer was not one of remorse and sorrow but a very flippant "what difference does it make"?
     So your choice is this; no record as a politician and concerns about what he might do or a record so corrupt and poor that the candidate cannot run on it.  However, besides the candidates themselves it would be wise to consider some other left wing ideals represented by Hillary.  For instance, every time there is a mass shooting we hear from the left wingers "We need MORE gun laws".  Never mind that in 2008-2010 the Democrats had control of everything yet the topic wasn't brought up.  Would Democrat Senators have staged a sit in were this not an election year?  Was this a stunt to deflect attention from their candidates FBI investigations, unlawful e-mails and a bad resume?  Who would enforce these new laws?  Oh yeah, law enforcement.  The very ones you have attacked and denigrated for the past 8 years even to the point of not allowing them to enforce certain laws such as equipment violations.  How many editorials have we read right here in Greensboro criticizing equipment violation stops or impeding traffic stops?  Think the folks in New Jersey/New York appreciate enforcing the "broken windshield" law today?
     How about jumping to conclusions and involving yourself in local law enforcement cases and turning them into Civil Rights cases investigated by the Department of Justice before the local criminal investigation is finished?  Did the President, Department of Justice and media apologize for ruining a police officer's life when it turned out they were wrong?  Of course not.  Left wingers just move on to the next best thing that fits their talking points.
     The point is that in the left wing extremist world, oxymoronic behavior is a way of life.  You are with them or you are a racist, or a bigot, or insensitive.  The First Amendment is for left wingers, not conservatives.  Islamists must be allowed to pray in school to be sensitive to their culture.  Christians must not pray in school because it is offensive.  Private and Charter Schools are ruining public education and the folks that send their kids there are elitists and closet racists.  Discipline in public schools targets minorities and School Resource Officers create stigmas.  Police Officers are killing people and we must have reform.  Chicago; silence.  We must be very careful not to attach Islam to terrorists.  It is offensive to display the Ten Commandments on or around government monuments even though our laws are rooted on those very principles.
     I could go on and I am sure you could too.  The country is not perfect but I have a very difficult time believing that the majority of Americans regardless of political affiliation believe that radical points of view deserve more empathy than our traditional beliefs and values.  A religion founded in beliefs from abroad certainly does not deserve to be treated more prominently or favorably than any of the denominations and principles that this country was founded on.  It is way past time that the extremists were told to take a hike.
     Last week I chatted with one such left wing extremist about this Presidential race.  The "unknowns" with Trump were discussed and though I pointed out the naming of potential Supreme Court nominees as evidence of a known my left winger refused to accept it.  However, he did make a statement that I found incredible and a perfect example of left wing extremism desperation at its' finest.  In support of Hillary he stated;

     "Yes she is corrupt.  However, her level of corruptness falls well within acceptable political parameters".

Ponder that.  Understand that is the philosophy the vast majority of your media is operating under.  Is the first time political outsider more of a threat than the known corrupt crook?  Was the actor a better option than the incumbent peanut farmer?
     Conservatives you have been targeted.  We have to target those who would bully and threaten and spread vile falsehoods.  It's time to punch the bully in the face!          


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