Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Conservative, Yes! Republican???

     Is anyone else frustrated?  Confused?  Mad?  My beliefs are pretty basic.  I believe in the United States Constitution.  I believe in God.  I believe in the rights and privileges bestowed upon us by our forefathers that established this country.  I have always believed (and for the most part still do) that 95% of Americans believe in three basic principles; they want to work for a living, they want to obey the laws of the land and they believe in some form of religion or worship.  Not only does that give most folks a lot of common ground to work with, it also leaves plenty of room for individualism, multiculturalism and even healthy dissent.  Whether right or left of center in your political views it should leave plenty of common ground to encourage compromise within our Amendments, General Statutes and local laws.  So how have we come to this place?
     I have been lamenting the fact that extremists have taken over both political parties.  My personal beliefs are grounded right of center; I am a conservative.  Being a "conservative" does not mean I believe everything any particular political party believes or tells me to believe.  There are different levels of agreement.  There are different details in every issue.  Individual beliefs are protected in this country and it's okay to have differing views that are consistent with conservatism though they may be inconsistent with one or two details.  Not every issue is black and white.
     It has been very easy to observe and point out left wing extremists and their views the past 8 years.  In my lifetime I have never seen such a turn to the left in ideology as the Democratic Party  has undergone since 2008.  Yes President Obama has certainly guided them in that direction but he cannot take all of the credit.  His rise to prominence came from a desire for change from the status quo within the Democratic Party and to a certain extent the country.  His campaign message of "hope and change" played into this desire and elevated him over all of his challengers who were seen as "establishment" politicians.  It did not take very long for folks wanting change to realize that his particular brand of "change" was not for them and voted Republicans back into the majority in the Congress in 2010 and 2014.  Democrats that have somewhat liberal views that do not agree with an extremist left wing agenda have been left to sit in silence for fear of being "called out" for daring to disagree with this President.  This also happens in cities like Baltimore and Greensboro where extreme liberal and progressive policies have killed the economy and caused a culture of poverty and government dependence.  The result is voter apathy where local elections (especially those held in odd years) rarely see representative turnouts leaving organized activists to return ineffective progressives to their seats election after election.  Instead of banding together to try and overcome the odds, folks that can have a decided affect by running as moderates or supporting those who would at least consider compromise take the easy way out; they move.  Bye bye property owners.  So long citizen tax base.  Adios businesses and corporations that can provide jobs to large quantities of people with limited education and job skills.
     I worked for the majority of my 29 years as a Greensboro Police Officer in east Greensboro.  My working area was and is a predominately minority population.  Sunday mornings were the most relaxing time to work in this area because most everyone was in church.  Most folks that go to church believe in God or at least some higher being.  Most of the political activists in this section of town in recent years are ministers.  Most ministers I have known in my life believe in God.  Yet at the Democratic Convention in 2012 in Charlotte, five voice votes were taken on whether to include God in their political platform.  After the 5th vote (which I still believe the "nos" prevailed) they declared "the ayes have it".  Are we to believe that the majority of the minority communities in this country that are traditionally registered and vote Democrat and have deep, traditional ties to their religious beliefs are now indoctrinated into left wing extremist beliefs?  I don't; yet they are all shouted down if they dissent one iota from the folks in charge.
    So here we are in 2016.  The Democrats are once again relying on old establishment Hillary to carry their banner forward.  The folks that rebel against establishment politics propelled Bernie Sanders to a competition so fierce the party had to come up with "super delegates" just to insure she would win.  With all the problems facing this country today, one would think the Republicans would have a cakewalk in November; one would think.  
     Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination fair and square.  He won because he is not establishment, says what most folks think when it comes to the economy, defense of our country, taking care of veterans, etc.  He comes with deficiencies and a lack of political polish, no doubt.  He says things that can easily be twisted into political fodder by a national press all to eager to keep the Democrats in power and their extremist supporters in line.  He is not a professional politician.  In other words, he ain't in the club!.
     And now his triumph and popularity has revealed other things.  More citizens turned out to vote in Republican primaries this year than at any other time in history indicating a block of voters once again anxious for change.  He revealed a total dissatisfaction with the status quo and a voting populace that no longer accepts excuses from what they perceive as ineffective Republican Congressmen and Senators.
     Mr. Trump has also revealed this; a Republican establishment so desperate to keep their club going that some of them are not only fighting the nomination but openly supporting Hillary Clinton.  Really?  A corrupt candidate that has the blood of Americans on her hands and shows absolutely no concern or remorse for their deaths, no concern or sympathy for their families is preferable simply so you can keep the club together?  Is there any wonder at all why conservative voters are now questioning allegiance to a political party that seems hell bent on alienating its' members?  Is this not a form of extremism?
     Ronald Reagen used to be a Democrat.  Bush the elder was considered a "moderate" when he originally ran for President.  John McCain was considered a "maverick" for views that did not always jive with old right wing establishment thinking.  Mitt Romney was a moderate.  All have won the Republican nomination and all were considered "inadequate" by the elitist establishment at one time or another, in one way or another.  You would think by now that those stubborn, establishment folks would get it.  Americans want a government that works, accomplishes what they are tasked by election to do and is representative of everyone, not just those with the financial means to win an election.  We don't care about your extremist's or political party differences; just do the job.  
     Left wing extremist policies have not worked at home or abroad the past 8 years.  There are also quite a few Republican establishment policies that have not worked the past several years.  President Reagen disagreed with some of those and successfully navigated Congressional waters to get things done.  Some compromise is good.  Mr. Trump openly disagrees with some establishment policies with regard to the economy, trade and immigration enforcement.  Why can't compromise work again?
     This election is one of the most important in our history.  Many issues vital to the future of our children and our health as a country are in the balance most notably a Supreme Court balance that is crucial.  Conservative and moderate voters have to unite.  It is becoming evident that we cannot depend on the leadership and establishment politicians of the Grand Old Party at this point to bring us together.

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