Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Assessing a Threat (Part 1)

     He is a loyal reader of my blog; and he doesn't like me very much.  No doubt that most of you have read his comments on my articles as he posts under the name "Mr. Subversive"; or "Roscoe P. Coltrain"; or "Ridgillisaracist".  He also uses "Oneofthem" and has a good buddy that posts under "ThymeonmyHands".  He has a Facebook page entitled "Greensboro Police Public Abuse".  He is a regular at most any protest in town and loves to make his presence known.  Though he wants you to know who he is he insists on hiding on line behind all of the aforementioned pseudonyms as if he is deathly afraid that you might find him out.  While reading his comments he routinely bounces back and forth between first and third person as he desperately wants you to know "it's me!" while simultaneously wanting to be coy and mysterious; "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"! (that's for you Susan Ladd).  He fancies himself as an expert on local history though he is not from here nor has he lived here very long.  Though he disagrees, in my opinion he is an extremist that has actually published the statement "I hope our next President is so far to the left he makes Bernie Sanders look conservative".  When I challenge him on that point he rebuts that he is only standing up for what's right, a modern day freedom fighter who compares himself to "Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King and Huey Newton" claiming that I call him extreme because he dares to take a stand.  He claims to be a victim of police abuse and also claims the City of Greensboro has paid him off twice in wrongful arrest cases.
     So who is closer to truth in opinion of his extremism; me or him?  You be the judge.  Some examples of his recent posted writings on his Facebook page are these;

January 7, 2016
With regards to the Oregon incident where armed subjects occupied a Federal building;
"Bring back the Black Panthers, occupy police stations and banks until systematic racism is attacked".
"Black Lives Matter should do this to every police station".

January 8, 2016
Gun Control;
"Let's honor the 2nd Amendment fully by forming a well regulated militia to stop police brutality and government overreach, also re-arm felons because the word "felon" is NOT in the 2nd Amendment".

January 9, 2016
Regarding the loss of Federal Forfeiture Money to law enforcement agencies;
"Awesome, no more highway robberies under this treasonous war on drugs.  We need fewer cops and fewer jails, this was good for the public".

January 8, 2016
Reference the Philadelphia Police Officer that was ambushed and shot in his patrol car:
"To me it is obvious that the poor innocent civilian saw the marked street terror vehicle and felt threatened.  If I was on his jury I would acquit.  He obviously had no choice but to stand his ground".

Not exactly a call for racial harmony, in fact he seems to advocate the opposite.

     These are but a tiny sampling of positions he regurgitates endlessly and consistently as he takes any news report, picture from unsuspecting police officer's Facebook pages and any law enforcement page or website regardless of the topic and spins it to fit his agenda.  He is a perfect example of the "left wing extremist playbook" (to be discussed in the future) and how it's used.  He is easy to frustrate.  Obviously his life experiences have brought him to have these views, right?  Well, let's just see. 
     To get a better idea or picture of this "loyal reader" perhaps we should learn more about him.  I previously chronicled his exploits in my article "Beware of the Police Stalker".  To remind everyone, his name is Brian Drew Watkins of 1903 Taylor Street, Greensboro.  You may type in his name at this website, sex to learn more about him.  
     Are you confused?  Did I give you the correct name?  Yes, he's white; and yes, this is a convicted felon that physically and sexually abused an 11 year old child.  No wonder he doesn't like police officers; we won't allow him to partake in his passion.  He also is angry that two Greensboro Police officers, one charged with Indecent Exposure and one for Possessing Child Pornography on his computer were not placed on the registry due in part to his claims of "the badge" keeping them off.  Though police officers do not determine guilt or innocence nor are they responsible for sentencing and punishment, he claims that this is evidence of GPD corruption and lack of transparency.  Never mind the fact that the two officers received the ultimate punishment that the  Greensboro Police Department had the authority to assign (they no longer work there) but that the crimes they were convicted of does not require registering by law.  Though both were charged for reprehensible acts and lost their jobs as a result, Mr. Watkins seems to believe his "hands on" physical, sexual act on an 11 year old child somehow compares.  Yet, he complains about accountability and abuse.    
     His buddy, "ThymeonmyHands" commented that when he reads Mr. Watkins' comments, he sees an individual who has paid for his crime and has restored his life to help others.  Really?  When does the victim get to stop paying for his crime?  He agrees with Mr. Watkins' positions, one of which is that police officers themselves and not departments should cover financially any finding of wrong doing.  Does that mean that those convicted of offenses against children that qualify as being so heinous that their name be included on a nation wide registry should be financially responsible for any subsequent therapy or counseling no matter how many years it takes for that child to overcome what he did to them?  When a convicted sex offender finishes or completes his sentence, does the physical and emotional scars automatically and magically disappear from the victim?  You need to find some other examples Brian; these two do not compare in dispicability to yours.   
     That oxymoron aside Mr. Watkins is an avowed communist and as you can read has ideas that most folks, liberal or conservative, would consider a tad extreme.  He has been arrested for his participation in public disturbances but has not been deterred, not for his courage but for the enabling he and others have received based on the practices of our City Manager Jim Westmoreland who encouraged a legitimate charge of Interfering with a Police Investigation be dropped before it went to court.  A magistrate found probable cause yet a man trained in Civil Engineering decides the arrest was bad?  How would we know if the arrest was bad based on these particular circumstances until a judge rules on the facts of the case; after all, judges are trained to make such decisions.  For the record, I have yet to find a knowledgeable source who will confirm OR deny his claims that he was "paid" by the city.  It would seem in this case that no would be much easier to admit than yes would it not?
     I could go on for pages but I believe everyone gets the gist.  If not, "Mr. Subversive" will be along shortly to contribute as he cannot control his urges.  I'm sure that most of you are asking why I took the time to write about "very small potatoes" a second time; because of who his mentor is, that's why.
     Other than a small irritation to police officers Brian Watkins has had and will have virtually zero effect on our city government.  However, he is strongly connected to and endorsed by someone who has and is positioned with the current city council and city manager to have a profound effect on our city.  And his mentors have taught him precisely their philosophies and beliefs.
     Though only four years old and living in another state on November 3rd, 1979, Mr. Watkins claims to have studied extensively the Ku Klux Klan/ Communist Worker's Party shoot out that occurred that day.  He cites me as being a "racist" and "Klan sympathizer" due to my opinion that the Greensboro Massacre historical marker is an inaccurate portrayal of the actual facts of the event (again employing the left wing extremist playbook).  He is convinced that the Greensboro Police Department conspired then and does to this day with the KKK.  He knows nothing about me other than my writings yet has decided that we need to see my "personnel file to determine how many black people I abused".  Apparently, he has determined that I am a racist because I have an opinion that is in conflict with his.
     Where did this knowledge and philosophy come from?  Mr. Watkins endorses and represents the Beloved Community Center and Nelson Johnson.  He openly supports and recommends the BCC and Johnson on his Youtube videos and in his writings.  When I declined the BCC's invitation during this past election to participate in their candidate forum I cited Brian Watkins as the reason, giving examples of his anti-police activity.  Dr. Barnes in his e-mailed response stated that they "did not know Mr. Watkins".  After the forum I ask one of the incumbents who did attend and it was confirmed that not only was "Brian" there he was doing his "usual walking in traffic yelling at the police" thing.  Our council knows him, knew him on sight at the BCC forum and associates him with that organization.  I believe that to be more than just circumstantial.  
     Brian Watkins serves a purpose for the BCC.  He is used to cause the loud disturbances that Nelson Johnson and his buddies used to do.  Now they can be more "low key" and let Mr. Watkins satisfy his need for attention and revenge against police officers apparently without regard for what having a representative with this type of criminal background might do to their credibility.  In effect he is the BCC's rather "toothless" pit bull and one who is expendable should he cross the line too far.  The BCC is probably amazed that he hasn't been arrested more often even in lieu of Jim Westmoreland's policies and meddling.
     Of course, this is my opinion based on the previous facts as I know and stated them.  He could just be mad because the thin blue line won't let him play with children anymore.

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