Monday, August 31, 2015

A True Alternative!

     Funny stuff, this election thing!  With two months until election day there is still much work to be done, many people to meet and a few forums to attend.  Money still needs to be raised, signs printed, more questionnaires filled out and individuals to sit down with.  The work will continue until the last vote is counted.  Are my chances improving?  I would still place them in the "improbable" category but my experiences week before last at the Wyndham and a few chats I had last week were encouraging.  I honestly believe that there is a "hope" that I can slip into the top three though some probably feel this "grassroots" attempt may not reach enough folks in time.  Is their enough dissatisfaction with the current council for folks to actively seek an alternative?  If yes, will they show up to vote in an off year election?
     Everyone seems to have an opinion of which of the current at large incumbents I should target.  Problem is that I have support from such a wide range of citizens that reside in different areas of the city, everyone has a different target in mind.  While I eventually may single one out in a "subtle" way, I feel that my background and knowledge is so different from every sitting council person that I should focus more on what I would bring to the council in those areas.  With only a three month window, it would still come down to who shows up to vote and how disenchanted they are with the status quo.  If the electorate believes the city has been governed in an efficient way then there won't be much to decide.  If not, then the electorate will be looking for alternatives.  With very few candidates entered this year the alternatives are limited; but there is enough of us to make some change on this council.  In my opinion, it is needed change as there are too many "like minded" people serving on our current council.
     The differences between me and the incumbents are very noticeable.  I worked for 29 years serving the citizens of Greensboro in a functional capacity, encountering individual citizens one on one.  My job was problem solving; hear the issue, come up with a short term plan that led to a long term solution and do it in less than half an hour.  If the call ran longer while waiting for forensics support, many conversations with individuals were had to pass the time that were often of a nature concerning city policies.  There is no doubt that I have been in more homes, more businesses, more churches, more schools and had more one on one conversations with Greensboro citizens of all ages, races and ethnicities than every other candidate combined.
     That includes conversations with other city employees as well.  Many times while having my patrol car serviced, directing traffic for Parks and Recreation to cut trees, assisting the Fire Department or working with the many other city divisions and their workers, conversations about city council decisions, management decisions, benefits and the concerns about each were discussed.  While the public scratched their heads about council decisions from the outside looking in, city employees were scratching their heads from the "inside looking up" with no explanation forthcoming.  I have had to implement these polices and act on these decisions and very well know which ones worked and which ones did not; which ones were designed for "show" and which ones were serious proposals and not mere folly.
     Perhaps the biggest differences between the current council and myself is this.  I am not an attorney.  I am not in real estate or land development.  I am not a business owner.  I am not affiliated nor do I operate a non-profit organization.  I am also not married to anyone that falls into any of these categories.  I am an average citizen, much more aligned with the majority of Greensboro citizens.  The chances of having to recuse myself from any vote are remote; very remote!  But the best part is that for a vote to "positively" or "negatively" affect me it also affects the vast majority of the population the same way.  In other words, I am not in a profession or associated with one that would benefit from a vote that the average citizen would not.  I would be an actual representative of city employees and the general populace.
     Isn't that what government is designed to be?  

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