Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"In God We Trust"?

     In case you haven't noticed the terror organization known as ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) executed 30 more Christians yesterday in Libya.  Seems they had so much success cutting the heads off of one victim at a time with virtually no repercussions they have decided it would be much more efficient to up the ante a bit.  You see, they don't like Christians.  They aren't big on Jewish folks either but there is just not as many of them so they strike at Christians.  They also can't stand Americans which is also why they kill Christians as our country is predominately of the Christian faith.  There are those in this country that would have you believe that even though the word "Islamic" is contained in this group's title they are not Islamic but merely terrorists, as Islam is a religion of peace and we should not assign these terrorists to the religion.  Really? 
     Thefreedictionary.com defines religion as;

     1.  The belief in and reverence for a supernatural power.
     2.  A particular variety of such belief, especially when organized into a system of doctrine and practice.
     3.  A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
     4.  A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.

     ISIS and its' stated beliefs sure seems to fulfill the definition to me.

ISIS considers and markets itself as the religious and military authority of all Islamic people in the world.  They follow their perception and interpretation of what the Quran teaches including all of the beliefs of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar plus their own radical interpretations with regard to violence and terror.  They kill in the name of Islam yet the politically correct police in this country refuse to even refer to them as "radical Islamists".  Their position seems to suggest that there is no way a group this violent could possibly base their actions on beliefs in a religion that teaches peace.
     Christianity teaches peace, love they neighbor, turn the other cheek and forgiveness though the Holy Bible is very descriptive of violent acts committed on behalf of God.  Many radical groups state their religious views based on their interpretation of Christian or Protestant doctrines and advertise them on their websites for all to see just as ISIS states theirs based on Islam.  Groups such as The Ku Klux Klan and Westboro Baptist Church base their doctrines on their interpretations of protestantism and though religious denominations have denounced them you never hear the media, politicos or Hollywood elite in this country go out of their way to defend Christianity the way they have the Muslim world.  They would rather rail against such world security issues as prayer in school or the ten commandments being displayed in a public building than defend the national religion.  Who cares if they are killing Christians somewhere in the world just because they are Christians, we can't offend anyone by identifying them with Islam.
     Yet in this country it appears to be open season on Christians or other religious traditions.  For example Merry Christmas now has to be Happy Holidays.  Even the Pledge of Allegiance has been under attack in recent times because of the phrase "under God".  Our extremist politicians in this country even blame Christians for the violence and problems in the Middle East.  Christians are under attack in Muslim countries because they are hated by the aggressors and residents of those countries but why are Christians under attack in the United States and who is to blame?
     According to pewforum.org 78.4 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as Christians.  Only Judaism (1.7 percent) of the other identifiable religious populations are above .7 of a percent of the population.  16.1 percent identify themselves as unaffiliated or atheist.  This means that approximately 4 out of 5 people in the united States identify themselves as Christian.  So when we pray in public, in schools, recite the Pledge of Allegiance or simply say "in God we Trust", who are we offending?
     Every religion I am familiar with has some form of prayer.  Public schools even allow excused time from school for Muslim students to attend Friday afternoon prayer.  83.9 percent of the population believe in prayer yet we have deemed prayer in public schools as offensive.  Are we to believe that the 16.1 percent of people that have no religious affiliation or beliefs can bully everyone else into a corner because prayer somehow insults them?  Why should we care what they think?  You don't want to pray then don't pray.  You don't want to see the ten commandments; tough as they are written into state and federal law and you have no choice.  Heck, you're atheists, you don't believe in any of this so why should you even notice.  Are you not attempting to force your views on society just as you accuse Christians of doing when they exercise their constitutional right to pray?  Hypocrisy?    
     Yet the politicians and the "politically correct police" defend them.  These same people who often cite the first amendment that allows radical groups to say what they want and assemble much to the detriment of the public at large seem to want to ignore freedom of religion when it comes to Christianity.  How has this come to pass that the large majority of the population is being beaten into submission by a small amount of extremists?  Again, who is to blame?
     In my opinion, Christians are to blame.  We are so afraid of alienating anyone or hurting some one's feelings we seldom speak out publicly.  We have allowed a few people to intimidate a lot of people into thinking that severe societal consequences will come our way if we don't conform to radical thinking.  We don't believe in these ideas and speak out when we are amongst ourselves but refuse to confront the radicals.  When one of us does speak out we allow the radicals to call him a bigot, portray him as not being progressive or any other label perceived as being a pariah in society.  We routinely allow our ideals, morals and ethics to be questioned and accept blame for society's ills as if we are the ones passing legislation or acting on executive order.  We allow ourselves to be pigeon-holed  as if Christians are not able to adapt their own set of beliefs or morals as individuals, having the same basic values but being unable to have differing stances on issues.  We accept bullying for fear of being stereotyped thus allowing stereotyping to happen anyway.
     Christianity is not exclusive to one race, gender, ethnicity or culture.  Yet we allow ourselves to be divided by opportunistic self-proclaimed community leaders who claim to be of the Christian cloth.  We have allowed this vocal minority to suppress our beliefs and interject political agendas into our faith as if the Bible itself proclaims it.  We have allowed apathy and made excuses to not stand up to this vocal minority and take back control of our country's direction, demanding more of our elected officials no matter what side of the aisle they sit on.  This 78.4 percent of admitted Christians has cow-towed to the radicals.  We have been scared into believing our voices will not make a difference and for the most part we have refused to speak out in defiance.  In many cases Christians have brought this nationwide persecution on themselves. 
     So Christians, what will you do?  Pray over your meal in public?  Attend church more often?  Show up at the voting booth on a regular basis and cast an "educated" vote?  Walk down the hall of your child's public school and say a prayer to yourself even as an act of defiance culminating in a verbal "Amen"?  How about adding a "God Bless You" or "Have a Blessed Day" to your daily greetings?  Participate in organized demonstrations as is your constitutionally guaranteed right as the radicals often do? 
     Can you imagine the impact of a demonstration representative of 78 vs. 16 percent?  If a politician had to be concerned about a vast majority of the 78 percent showing up to vote do you think that might affect his political positions or cause him to re-evaluate his convictions instead of voting strictly along party lines?  With the power of the numbers with you will you stand up and be counted or continue to cower in fear of radicals and opportunists?
     "In God We Trust"; a core belief you hold sacred or just a cliche'?              

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